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  • 15 Lessons To Learn from Mahabharata for Everyone

    The epic tale Mahabharata is something everyone should read at least once in their life. Even if you are not into mythology and religion, this book will still hold great value in your life. So, if you haven’t, it’s time that you did. If you have, then you can relate to these lessons: 1. Life […]

  • Vedic Influence in Muslim countries like Iraq and Iran

    If we go back to the time before Islam was born, around third millennium BCE, India had some cultural bond with Mesopotamian civilization, now Iraq and Iran. According to N. N. Bhattacharya, an Indologist, history has several references to show the contact between Indian civilization and the Islamic world. At one time, in fact, Vedic […]

  • Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Kedarnath Temple

    You might already know. Kedarnath Temple holds an important value for Hindus, especially considering its stature as one of the four pillars of Char Dham Yatra. For Hindus, it is a place to be to wash your sins and achieve a position in heaven. Getting there, however, is not an easy course. But many still […]

  • The truth about the Golden rule of Lord Rama- Rama Rajya

    Lord Rama has been the epitome of righteousness and gold standard while judging one’s devotion towards parents, the truth, and his words. The fact that he left his kingdom for 14 years to wander off in the woods just for the sake of promise to his father and stepmother Kaikei goes on to show his […]

  • 17 Logical Points For Those Who Thinks Mahabharat Is Not Real

    If there be a word for the most incredible tale ever told then it is the story of the Mahabharata. It is a great epic and is one of the pillars of present-day Hinduism.The Mahabharata story and its moral ethos have had a profound influence on millions over many generations. Many believe Mahabharata war is said to have occurred before the […]

  • Everything you should know about 1500-Year-Old Changu Narayan temple

    Located 12km east of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, Changu Narayan temple is the oldest temple in Nepali history. The temple is also known as just ‘Changu’ or ‘Dolagiri’ and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple gathers important histories and religious values. Here’s everything you need to know about it: The legend There are […]

  • Bhaja Caves

    Rock-cut caves in Pune dating back to the 2nd century BC

    Located in Pune, near Lonavala, Maharashtra, Bhaja Caves or Bhaje caves dates back to 200 B.C. and is a group of 22 enthralling rock-cut caves. One must go 400 feet up from the village of Bhaja, one of the important trade routes that run from the Arabian sea towards Deccan Plateau, to reach this beauty. […]

  • Bhoga Nandeeshwara

    Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple – 1000 Years old Architectural Masterpiece

    Located in the foothills of Nandi Hills of Karnataka, Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple is dedicated to Hindu god Shiva. It is located 60km far from Bangalore and is under the protection of Archaeological Survey of India as a monument of national importance. While Nandi Hills is a pretty popular tourist site, not many people know about […]

  • Most Famous Historical Attractions in Turkey You Should Visit

    Here is a list of some of Turkey’s most famous historical attractions, along with the nearby hotels. Hagia Sophia Hagia Sophia is one of the best preserved ancient buildings in the world and it probably the top most tourist attraction in Turkey.  Built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian in the sixth century AD, the building […]

  • Here is Why Lord Rama Is A Real Historical Figure

    The central figure of Hindu myth Ramayana, Rama is said to be the seventh avatar of Vishnu. He is venerated throughout India and many other places across the world. Historians doubt that he is a real person. But there are arguments that there is are sufficient evidence to suggest that lord Rama could have been […]

  • Hilarious Difficulties Our Kids Will Never Face or Understand

    Do you remember there were so many things that were painfully familiar to us not so long ago ? The younger generation will never face or understand these things . Get ready for some nostalgia! When a program stops responding twitter That never-ending search ! twitter When this has an actual ring of truth to it… mensxp When you lose the ball from […]

  • Ancient Indian musical instruments that are on the point of extinction

    Music has always been an identity of a country: Blues will always be associated with the US, Reggae will always be associated with Jamaica. But even more so than music, musical instruments and the typical melodies played on those instruments are more than a pride of a country. More so for India, where classical music—both […]