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  • The traits of different Horoscopes of Hindu Dharma

    It seems a far easier task to align your choices based on your planetary movements and the sun and the moon and later blame them for whatever goes wrong or if it goes right. Hindu Dharma strongly relies on such predictions and calculations to assess festivities, births and even your Zodiac signs. Jyotisha (or Jyotishyam […]

  • Lord Sri Venkateswara

    Gods who rule your Moon Sign (Rashi) and Shlokas to please them

    While some people believe their lives are strongly influenced by the planets and their movements, some believe its hoax planted by men to milk naive people. Of the eighteen Puranas of Vedas, Agni Purana puts forward Astrology not as a mere belief but as factual as Science itself. According to Agni Purana,“Those who know their […]

  • What your zodiac sign says about your inner thoughts

    This Is What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Inner Thoughts Aries You can take the world on your own. You have a strong attitude, and you get what you want. However, you want to control, and at times become demeaning and arrogant. Just try to listen to what others might have to say. Taurus If […]