11 Face Rudraksha Represents 11 Forms of Lord Shiva

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Vedic scriptures state that Eleven Face (Mukhi) Rudraksha represents the eleven forms of Lord Shiva also called Akads Rudra (Ekadasa Rudra).


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Rudraksha has been derived from the Sanskrit roots Rudra(Shiva) Aksha (Eye). Hence, Rudraksha means the eye of Shiva. Since Shiva is Trinetra. Rudraksha is referred to Shiva’s 3RD eye. The eye of knowledge.

Rudraksha is a symbolism to the Shiva devotees, yogis and sadhaks to balance their chakras and energies by wearing it as Rudraksha can lead a person to high spiritual know-how
It also helps to

  • cure ailments like blood pressure, stress, anxiety, depression, palpitations, lack of concentration, etc.
  • resist the flow of bio-electrical impulses that cross the desired ampere requirement (leading to an imbalance in the brain-body-mind circuit). The beads act in tandem with the heart, streamlining it and sending out specific impulses to the brain. The impulses in return generate positive brain chemicals that induce us with a sense of confidence and energy.

Amongst the eleven forms of Lord Shiva, the eleventh form is Lord Hanuman. According to the ancient religious texts, several great sages have worn Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha during their meditation for a spiritual quest. Moreover, it is regarded very auspicious in religious rituals. Hindu belief is rooted in a perception that whoever wears Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha, s/he shall attain all the eleven heavenly virtues of Lord Eleven.

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