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  • When Hindu Dharma Meets Fiction – Best Fictional Hindu books

    While the subject of Gods, Jiva, Atma, and Paramatma seem too heavy for some people to contemplate and follow, some people find it easier to grasp the essence of Hindu dharma by fictionalizing and humanizing the mighty Gods. As long as it serves as an instrument of the propagator of the core essence and the […]

  • 7 Books that you should read to know more about Trump’s presidency

    One of the surprising aftermaths of Trump presidency is the skyrocketing sales of George Orwell’s 1984. One can only guess why. It could be the doublethink concept. It could be the concept of authoritarianism. We could only guess. These are other books, just like 1984, that you can read to understand more about Trump’s American […]

  • 10 Movies That Were Better Than The Books They Were Based On

    Countless time we have heard or read “The book is always better than the Movie”. The glossy details, the richly explained character and their feelings. But its not always the book triumphs over the movies, Here are the 10 movies that (in popular opinion) managed to surpass popularity more than the books. 1. To Kill […]

  • These Are Best Hollywood Movies Based on Books

    Everyone knows reading is important. We all love books and we read them. For those  who don’t like reading, movies are there for substitute. Hollywood often turns to books for movies ideas. There are numerous  movies based on books. Many movies get success and many don’t but the trend of making movies based on books […]