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  • Lord Brahma

    Things you should know about Lord Brahma – The God of Creation

    Hindu religion is a pantheistic religion as it equates God with the universe. Brahma (the creator) is the first member of Hindu trinity (three Gods) consisting Vishnu (the preserver) being the second and Shiva (the destroyer/transformer) being the third. The meanings of Brahma in Sanskrit are growth, expansion, and creation. In this way, Brahma is […]

  • Shri Vishnu – An Iconographic Breakdown Of Narayana

    The deep sea dwelling blue Lord has been known as the protector of the realms. Legend has it that whenever the earth needs to rid itself of the evil, Lord Vishnu is born in a particular form to eradicate the evil. Whether it be the Maryada Purusha Sri Rama or the perfect personality Sri Krishna, […]

  • Dattatreya

    24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya – The Guru of Environmental Education

    Lord Dattatreya, also known as Sri Datta, is a Hindu deity who is also regarded as an aspect of the Divine Trinity or Trimurti of Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwara. He was the son of Anusuya and Maharishi Atri. Thus his name ‘Dattatreya’ is derived from two Sanskrit words, ‘Datta’, which means ‘giver’ and Atreya which refers […]

  • 8 Powerful Durga Mantras that can help transform your life

    Goddess Durga is also known as Shakti or Devi, who is the protective mother of the universe. Thus, Maa Durga is the epitome of a true womanhood. In Sanskrit, Durga means ‘a fort’ or ‘a place that is difficult to overrun,’ an apt metaphor for this deity’s protective, militant nature. Also, Durga is sometimes referred […]

  • Lord Chitragupta

    Lord Chitragupta – Who helps Lord Yamaraj to maintain karmic accounts

    The world in which we live is a mortal and in Hindu dharma, death has a great significance. Hindu philosophy teaches that any attempt to find permanent happiness in this world is a maya (an illusion). Hindus believe that a person’s Atman (spirit) is permanent and cannot change while the physical body is not permanent […]

  • Narka

    About Lord Yamaraj – The God of Death and Justice

    Almost everyone is scared of dying, therefore, everyone who knows Lord Yamaraj is also scared of the Lord as he is the God of Death. However, although true and obvious to be scared, he is also known as the God of Justice and is sometimes referred to as Dharmaraja. It is because he is the […]

  • The Legends Lord Dattatreya – Manifestation in two different versions

    Everybody praises and worships the legends and divinity of the Trinity. The three divine, Lord Bramha, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva who looks after the creation, maintenance and transitions of the world, thus, they are believed to be the greatest. However, Lord Dattatreya is one, who is believed to be the incarnation of all of […]

  • 9 Most famous aspects of Lord Shiva that are known yet

    Though Shiva is believed to ‘Nirakar’ in Hindu dharma, there are several forms and aspects of Lord Shiva that everyone is accustomed to worldwide. Here is the list of most famous aspects of lord Shiva: 1. Panchanana Shiva At some of the temples, Shiva is portrayed as having five faces. Each of these faces are […]

  • Powerful Ganesh Mantra – To Removal of All The Obstacles and Achieve Success

    Lord Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and the formless Divinity – encapsulated in a magnificent form, for the benefit of the devotee. He is God of knowledge and the remover of obstacles. Lord Ganesha in some way also symbolizes intelligence in the body. According to Hindu dharma, he represents Mahat, the highest form of […]

  • The Legend of Goddess Dhumavati – The widow Goddess

    The Goddesses in Hindu Dharma are often depicted as the powerful, radiant beings they are. They are beautiful, celestial, with virtues such as grace, nurturer, knowledge, wealth etc. One such form of the Goddesses is different from the rest, smoky complexioned riding a chariot with a flag bearing a crow- Dhumavati. Seventh of the 10 […]

  • 10 Interesting facts about Lord Kartikeya

    Lord Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is known by different names – Lord Swaminatha, Lord Murugan, Kumara, Skanda, Shanmukha etc. He is also popularly known as Subramaniam that is a common name in South India. He seems to have been a popular war god who was also the elder brother of […]

  • 10 Interesting Facts about Balarama – The God of Agriculture

    Balarama, who is also known as Balabhadra, is the elder brother of Shri Krishna. Balarama is a symbol of strength, an obedient son, an ideal brother and husband, an ideal man and a God. He is also known as Nilavastra as he is said to have a fair complexion and clad in a dark blue […]