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  • Reason Why Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha Are Worshiped Together

    Although Diwali is celebrated as the return of Shri Ram to Ayodhya, Goddess Laksmi and Lord Ganesha are welcomed into every household on this auspicious day. Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity while Lord Ganesha is considered the God of intelligence. People worship these two deities to welcome wealth along with intelligence. […]

  • An introduction to Lord Shiva – The timeless God of the Universe

    The Transcendent God – Shiva (शिव as his name is pronounced in Sanskrit) is the timeless God of the universe. He alone exists as an existence itself, even before the creation of our world and can be understood as the ultimate transcendence and the supreme being. A Personal God This Supreme Being wants to become […]

  • This Picture of Maa Kali atop Shiva has many meanings at many levels

    Mahakali is the consort of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is the silent aspect of the Transcendental Reality, and Devi Kali is the dynamic aspect of the Transcendental Reality. Truth is complete when it is both dynamic and silent. Truth is complete when the dynamic aspect and the silent aspect function together. The story of the goddess […]

  • Interesting facts about Vishwakarma – Hindu God of Architecture

    Shri Vishwakarma, Divine Architect is called  ‘Devashilpi’ or ‘The Architect of Gods’. He has created many wonders, his wonders are described in Rigveda. Interesting facts about Lord Vishwakarma – God of Architecture The Rig Veda describes Viswakarma as the god with multi-dimensional vision and supreme strength. Vishwa karma is able to predict well in advance in […]

  • The 1008 Names of Lord Shiva – Shiva Sahasranama

    All of the 1008 names of Lord Shiva can be found in the Shiva Purana – Kotirudra Samhita (Book IV – Chapter 35, 1-133) and in the Book 13 (Anushasana Parva) of the Mahabharata. Sahasranama Stotra, a hymn eulogizing Shiva by recounting his one thousand names. The 1008 Names of Lord Shiva Shiva; Hara; Mrida; […]

  • Marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati

    Five Stories To Tell Your Kids About Lord Shiva

    There are abundant stories related to the Supreme, powerful God Lord Shiva. Known as the destroyer, Shiva is also the Lord of mercy and compassion who can remove ignorance, evil and grant wisdom. With that, his stories can be relevant tell kids. Here we have collected few of interesting stories: The birth of Lord Shiva […]

  • Lesser Known Facts About The King Of Gods Indra

    The God of Rain and Thunder, Indra is also known to be the king of the gods. Illustrated as the protector of Cows and priests as per the Vedic period, Indra was once revered as one of the main Gods like Brahma and Rudra. He is also the director of the skies and had the […]

  • Popular Hindu Gods

    These Are The 5 Most Popular Gods in Hindu Dharma

    Hindu religion is the most interesting and the oldest religion is known to mankind. There are various deities attached to Hindu Dharma and all of them have an interesting story attached to them. Hindu Religion is also the third largest religion in the world. Hindu dharma forms the base of our entire Indian culture. It […]

  • Annapurna Devi – The goddess of Food and Nourishment

    How many times have we heard our parents mutter- “Don’t waste food, you’re disrespecting the Gods”. The food we consume not only serves to tantalize our taste buds and fill our stomach but provides us with the nutrition for growth and development. That alone should render it important and be treated with respect. But like […]

  • Goddess Lakshmi

    Goddess Lakshmi qualities to inspire an individual 2.0

    Goddess Lakshmi is broadly associated with wealth and if we try and understand the depths of this one word, what wealth means in the real sense, we can have a more fulfilling life. Because wealth is not only money or something material, it is much beyond it. For example, we need money but how do […]

  • Things You May Not Know About Agni Deva – God of fire

    Agni, the God of Fire, is one of the most prominent of the deities of the Vedas especially Rigveda. With the single exception of Indra, more hymns are addressed to Agni than to any other deity. Agni is considered as the mouth of the gods and goddesses, and the medium that conveys offerings to them […]

  • Lord Indra – Vedic god of rain and thunder

    For many, the Vedas are books of scriptures to guide one’s mind through Hindu religion. But truth be told Vedic and Hindu are very philosophically different. While Hindu Dharma is polytheistic Vedic, Monotheistic on a macro level. Hindu Vs Vedic Many believe due to several splits that occurred after the Dasarajna war, different tribes and […]