Names for Hindu Babies with Meanings on Lord Brahma

Brahma in Sanskrit means growth, expansion, and creation. In this way, Brahma is recognized as the God of creation. He is attributed to the creation of Brahmanda (entire universe) and all forms of life within it. So he is also known as the Creator and the creative energy of the entire universe. He is believed to be born from the Kamal, (lotus) springing from Vishnu’s Navi (navel) as he was laying on the great serpent in the milky ocean. Hence, he is also known as Nabhija (navel born) and Kanja (water born), according to Hindu doctrine.

The Lord is the source of everything, and thus all the reality has the source in Brahman. Everything grounds to Brahma, and that all reality has its ultimate repose. Hindu Dharma, as a philosophy, as well as a religion, is thriving towards this reality known as Brahman, both consciously and exclusively. He is one of the trinity gods of Hindu dharma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva being the other two.

Thus, here are few Hindu Baby Names on Lord Brahma with their meanings.

Hindu Baby Names_Brahma

Hindu Baby Boy Names on Lord Brahma

Brahmadutt: Meaning of Brahmadutt is Dedicated To Brahma
Chidaakaash: Meaning of Chidaakaash is Absolute Brahma
Daksh: Meaning of Daksh is A Son Of Brahma / Capable
Hari: Meaning of Hari is Lord Krishna / Name Of Vishnu / Om Saluting Brahma / Vishnu / Shiva
Lokesh: Meaning of Lokesh is Lord Brahma
Prajesh: Meaning of Prajesh is Lord Brahma
Pranad: Meaning of Pranad is Lord Vishnu / Lord Brahma
Rayirth: Meaning of Rayirth is Lord Brahma
Sachchit: Meaning of Sachchit is Lord Brahma
Sanat: Meaning of Sanat is Lord Brahma
Sarojin: Meaning of Sarojin is Lord Brahma
Sthavir: Meaning of Sthavir is Lord Brahma
Svayambhu: Meaning of Svayambhu is Lord Brahma / Vishnu / Shiva
Vagish: Meaning of Vagish is God Of Speech (Lord Brahma)
Vairinchya: Meaning of Vairinchya is Lord Brahma’s Son
Viranchi: Meaning of Viranchi is Name Of Brahmaa
Virinchi: Meaning of Virinchi is Brahma
Vishvag: Meaning of Vishvag is Lord Brahma
Vishvaretas: Meaning of Vishvaretas is Lord Brahma / Vishnu

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Hindu Baby Girl Names on Lord Brahma

Brahmani: Meaning of Brahmani is Wife Of Lord Brahma/ Saraswathi
Rohita: Meaning of Rohita is Brahma’s Daughter