10 Beautiful Baby Names From Hindu texts and Epics

We have some amazing tales in Hindu books and philosophies. Ever since the ancient times, our forefathers used names for babies considering their astrology and also considering the profound meaning behind the name. This was continuing till the past few decades, where few things changed and the names were more about westernized culture.

But we have again started to face that shift and people have been using baby names from Hindu Texts and Epics.

In this list, we have compiled ten beautiful baby names from Hindu Epics – 5 for girls and 5 for boys.

Hindu Baby Names
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Baby Names for Boys from Hindu Texts and Epics

  1. Agastya: A great sage of the ancient times, Agastya was born of Gods Mitra and Varuna. Lopamudra – his wife – was also a great sage in her right.
  2. Andhaka: Andhaka was born of the sweat of Shiva and was regarded as the demon son. However, after his birth, he was raised by Hirayanksha and later went on to become the king of Hiranyaksha kingdom.
  3. Sagara: One of the greatest kings of Suryavansha in Satya Yuga, Sagara was also the king of Ayodhya and the ancestor of King Dasharatha. The famous ruler – Asamanja – was his son.
  4. Mahendra: Mahendra has a special meaning. He was the king who is said to have attained heaven. Mahendra is also the name of the mountain where Hanuman rushed to find Sita, and when Hanuman reached the Mount Mahendra, he shook it hard to frighten all the beast in the caves.
  5. Rishyasringa: Son of Vibhandaka, Rishyasringa is a renowned sage of ancient India and had grown up seeing no human life except his father’s.

Baby Names for Girls from Hindu Texts and Epics

  1. Anusuya: Wife of Atri and mother of Dattatreya, Anusuya is the incarnation of the divine Gods Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwara.
  2. Satyavati: Known to have the divine beauty and extremely sweet fragrance, Satya was the queen of the great King Santanu.
  3. Maya: The name has a great value in the Upanishads and means the tangling of physical and mental reality inside our consciousness. It can also mean love.
  4. Yashodha: Yasodha was the foster mother of Lord Krishna and also the mother of Balarama and Subhadra.
  5. Narmada: The Narmada is a sacred river in India which originates from Amarkantak. It is said to have been descended from the sky from the order of Lord Shiva. It represents the daughter of Mekala Rishi, the daughter of the moon, the sister of Nagas and the mind daughter of Somapas.
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Let us know in the comments below what you think of these names. We want your feedback on the compilation, and we look forward to coming up with more articles related to detailed baby names and their beautiful meanings depending on the feedback.