Hindu BABY NAMES with Meanings – For The Devotess of Sri Krishna

Krishna is one of the most powerful incarnations of Vishnu, the Godhead of the Hindu Trinity of deities. He is one of the ideal gods that the kids and children love which is largely due to his playful, sweet, happy and cute character. As a child, he was very fond of butter and use to eat it wherever he found it which earned him the nickname “Makhan Chor”. Lord Krishna is one God you can just call your friend, someone you can take liberties and call a prankster, cult-figure, the model lover, divine hero or Supreme.

The dark-skinned lord is a happy God whose colorful expressions in life teaches us what to do at difficult crossroads of life. Despite having so many problems in life, he lived his life as nothing but a celebration. Likewise, he is one of the most loved gods in the Hindu dharma. As a result, all his devotees pray his 108 names, chant his mantras, listen to his knowledge. Furthermore, parents expecting a baby even keep his pictures expecting their babies to have the qualities of Lord Krishna, most even prefer to have their child name over Sri Krishna.

Hindu BABY NAMES of Sri Krishna

Hindu Baby Girl Names on Sri Krishna with Meaning

Anandini: Meaning of Anandini is A flute of Lord Krishna

Demira: Meaning of Demira is Devotee Of Lord Krishna
Devaki: Meaning of Devaki is Lord Krishna’s mother / Mother Of Krishna
Devki: Meaning of Devki is Lord Krishna’s Mother
Dhyuti: Meaning of Dhyuti is Full Of Splendor / Lord Krishna

Gopini: Meaning of Gopini is Girlfriends of Lord Krishna

Kamalamanjari: Meaning of Kamalamanjari is One of Krishna’s maidservant
Kanupriya: Meaning of Kanupriya is Beloved Of Kanha – Lord Krishna ( Radha)

Meera: Meaning of Meera is A Devotee Of Krishna
Mira: Meaning of Mira is Lord Krishna’s Devotee
Miraya: Meaning of Miraya is Lord Krishna’s Devotee

Radha: Meaning of Radha is Lord Krishna’s Lover
Rukmini: Meaning of Rukmini is Wife Of Krishna

Saketha: Meaning of Saketha is Shri Krishna
Sudevi: Meaning of Sudevi is Wife Of Krishna
Susila: Meaning of Susila is Wife Of Krishna / Clever In Amorous Sciences

Vaidarbhi: Meaning of Vaidarbhi is Rukhmini / Wife Of Krishna

Yashoda: Meaning of Yashoda is Foster Mother Of Lord Krishna

Hindu Baby Boy Names on Sri Krishna with Meaning

Acyuta: Meaning of Acyuta is Lord Krishna / Invincible
Aprameya: Meaning of Aprameya is A Name Of Lord Krishna
Arjun: Meaning of Arjun is Lord Krishna’s cousin / One of the Pandav brothers of The 5 Pandavas
Avyukt: Meaning of Avyukt is One With A Clear Mind / Krishna
Avyukta: Meaning of Avyukta is One With A Clear Mind / Krishna

Baalkrishan: Meaning of Baalkrishan is Young Krishna
Baanke Bihaari: Meaning of Baanke Bihaari is Name Of Krishna
Balagopal: Meaning of Balagopal is Infant Krishna
Balagovind: Meaning of Balagovind is Infant Krishna
Balakrishna: Meaning of Balakrishna is Young Krishna
Balaram: Meaning of Balaram is Brother Of Lord Krishna
Balbhadra: Meaning of Balbhadra is Brother Of Krishna
Balgopal: Meaning of Balgopal is Baby Krishna
Balmukund: Meaning of Balmukund is Young Krishna
Balram: Meaning of Balram is The brother of Lord Krishna
Banbihari: Meaning of Banbihari is Lord Krishna
Banke: Meaning of Banke is Lord Krishna
Bankebihari: Meaning of Bankebihari is Lord Krishna
Banshidhar: Meaning of Banshidhar is Krishna
Bansilal: Meaning of Bansilal is Lord Krishna
Banwari: Meaning of Banwari is Lord Krishna
Bhagavan: Meaning of Bhagavan is Lord Krishna
Braj: Meaning of Braj is Sacred Land of Braj / Place Of Lord Krishna
Brajamohan: Meaning of Brajamohan is Name Of Lord Krishna
Brajendra: Meaning of Brajendra is Lord Krishna / Lord Of Braj Land
Brij: Meaning of Brij is Lord Krishna
Brijkishor: Meaning of Brijkishor is Lord Krishna
Brijmohan: Meaning of Brijmohan is Krishna
Brijnandan: Meaning of Brijnandan is Lord Krishna

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Damodar: Meaning of Damodar is A Name Of Krishna
Daaruk: Meaning of Daaruk is Charioteer Of Krishna / Tree
Darsh: Meaning of Darsh is Lord Krishna
Devakinandan: Meaning of Devakinandan is Name Of Lord Krishna
Devkinandan: Meaning of Devkinandan is Son Of Devki / (Lord Krishna)
Dhrupad: Meaning of Dhrupad is Lord Krishna
Dwaraka: Meaning of Dwaraka is Lord Krishna’s Kingdom
Dwarakanath: Meaning of Dwarakanath is Lord Of Dwaraka / Krishna

Gadin: Meaning of Gadin is Lord Krishna
Gaurkeshav: Meaning of Gaurkeshav is Krishna with a golden complexion
Ghanshyam: Meaning of Ghanshyam is Lord Krishna
Girdhari: Meaning of Girdhari is Lord Krishna
Giridhar: Meaning of Giridhar is Lord Krishna / Holder of the mountain
Girivar: Meaning of Girivar is Lord Krishna
Gogula: Meaning of Gogula is Lord Krishna
Gopal: Meaning of Gopal is Lord Krishna / Krishna / Cowherd
Gopesh: Meaning of Gopesh is Lord Krishna
Gopi: Meaning of Gopi is Girlfriends of Lord Krishna/Milkmaid Friends Of Lord Krishna/Protector of Cows
Gopinath: Meaning of Gopinath is Krishna / Lord of the Gopis
Govind: Meaning of Govind is Lord Krishna / Cowherd
Govinda: Meaning of Govinda is Lord Krishna
Gulzarilal: Meaning of Gulzarilal is Name Of Lord Krishna

Harekrishna: Meaning of Harekrishna is Lord Krishna
Haresh: Meaning of Haresh is Lord Krishna
Hari: Meaning of Hari is Lord Krishna / Name Of Vishnu / Om Saluting Brahma / Vishnu / Shiva
Harigopal: Meaning of Harigopal is Lord Krishna
Harikesh: Meaning of Harikesh is Lord Krishna
Hariprasad: Meaning of Hariprasad is Blessed By Lord Krishna
Harkrishna: Meaning of Harkrishna is Lord Krishna
Hayagriv: Meaning of Hayagriv is Lord Krishna

Jagadbandu: Meaning of Jagadbandu is Lord Krishna
Jaigopal: Meaning of Jaigopal is Victorious Lord Krishna
Jaikrishna: Meaning of Jaikrishna is Victory Of Lord Krishna
Jaspal: Meaning of Jaspal is Lord Krishna
Jayakrishan: Meaning of Jayakrishan is Victorious Krishna
Jayani: Meaning of Jayani is A Sakti Of Ganesha / Conqueror / Lord Krishna
Jaygopal: Meaning of Jaygopal is Victorious Lord Krishna

Kanaiya: Meaning of Kanaiya is Lord Krishna
Kanha: Meaning of Kanha is Krishna
Kanhaiya: Meaning of Kanhaiya is Lord Krishna
Kanu: Meaning of Kanu is Lord Krishna
Kanwalkishore: Meaning of Kanwalkishore is Lotus / Lord Krishna
Keshav: Meaning of Keshav is Lord Krishna / Vishnu
Kishan: Meaning of Kishan is Lord Krishna
Kishore: Meaning of Kishore is Young Boy / Lord Krishna
Krish: Meaning of Krish is Shortform Of Lord Krishna
Krishna: Meaning of Krishna is Lord Krishna / Black / Dark / Lord Krishna
Krishnachandra: Meaning of Krishnachandra is Lord Krishna
Krishnadeva: Meaning of Krishnadeva is Lord Krishna
Krishnakumar: Meaning of Krishnakumar is Lord Krishna
Krishnamurari: Meaning of Krishnamurari is Lord Krishna
Krishnamurthy: Meaning of Krishnamurthy is Lord Krishna
Krishnendu: Meaning of Krishnendu is Lord Krishna
Kunjabihari: Meaning of Kunjabihari is Lord Krishna

Lalit: Meaning of Lalit is Lovely / Fine / Name Of Lord Krishna / Attractive

Maadhav: Meaning of Maadhav is Another Name Of Krishna
Madan Mohan: Meaning of Madan Mohan is Delightful / Enchanter / Lord Krishna
Madangopal: Meaning of Madangopal is Lord Krishna
Madhav: Meaning of Madhav is Lord Krishna
Madhavan: Meaning of Madhavan is Lord Krishna
Madhavdas: Meaning of Madhavdas is Servant Of Lord Krishna
Madhu Mangal: Meaning of Madhu Mangal is Krishna’s friend
Madhusudan: Meaning of Madhusudan is Name Of Lord Krishna
Madhusudan: Meaning of Madhusudan is Lord Krishna
Makhesh: Meaning of Makhesh is Lord Krishna
Manhar: Meaning of Manhar is Lord Krishna
Manmohan: Meaning of Manmohan is Lord Krishna / One Who Wins Over The Heart
Mohan: Meaning of Mohan is Lord Krishna / Fascinating
Mohnish: Meaning of Mohnish is Lord Krishna
Mukund: Meaning of Mukund is Lord Krishna / Name Of Vishnu
Mukunda: Meaning of Mukunda is Lord Krishna / Precious Stone
Muraaree: Meaning of Muraaree is Another Name Of Lord Krishna
Muralidhar: Meaning of Muralidhar is Lord Krishna
Muralimanohar: Meaning of Muralimanohar is Lord Krishna
Murari: Meaning of Murari is Lord Krishna
Murarilal: Meaning of Murarilal is Lord Krishna

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Naggar: Meaning of Naggar is Lord Krishna
Nand: Meaning of Nand is Pleasure / Father Of Krishna
Nand-kishore: Meaning of Nand-kishore is Lord Krishna
Nand-nandan: Meaning of Nand-nandan is Lord Krishna
Nandakumar: Meaning of Nandakumar is Lord Krishna
Nandlaal: Meaning of Nandlaal is Lord Krishna
Nathan: Meaning of Nathan is Lord Krishna
Natwar: Meaning of Natwar is Lord Krishna
Navin Nirad: Meaning of Navin Nirad is Lord Krishna
Nawalkishor: Meaning of Nawalkishor is Lord Krishna
Neelesh: Meaning of Neelesh is Lord Krishna / Moon
Nil Madhav: Meaning of Nil Madhav is Blue complexioned Lord Krishna
Nilesh: Meaning of Nilesh is Krishna / Blue God
Nityananda: Meaning of Nityananda is Lord Krishna / Always Happy

Pankajalochana: Meaning of Pankajalochana is Lotus-Eyed / Lord Krishna
Parthasarathy: Meaning of Parthasarathy is Krishna/Arjuna’s charioteer/Charioteer Of Partha
Pyarelal: Meaning of Pyarelal is Lord Krishna
Pyaremohan: Meaning of Pyaremohan is Lord Krishna

Radhagovind: Meaning of Radhagovind is Lord Krishna
Radharaman: Meaning of Radharaman is Lord Krishna
Radhakanta: Meaning of Radhakanta is Lord Krishna
Radhakrishna: Meaning of Radhakrishna is Radha And Lord Krishna
Radhanath: Meaning of Radhanath is Lord Krishna
Radhavallabh: Meaning of Radhavallabh is Lord Krishna
Radhesh: Meaning of Radhesh is Lord Of Radha / Krishna
Radheshyam: Meaning of Radheshyam is Lord Krishna
Ramakrishna: Meaning of Ramakrishna is Rama & / Krishna
Ramanuj: Meaning of Ramanuj is Younger to Lord Rama / Lord Krishna / Lord Laxman
Ramgopal: Meaning of Ramgopal is Ram And Gopal(Krishna)
Ramkrishna: Meaning of Ramkrishna is Lord Rama / Krishna
Rasabihari: Meaning of Rasabihari is Lord Krishna
Rasaparayan: Meaning of Rasaparayan is Lord Krishna
Rasaraj: Meaning of Rasaraj is Lord Krishna / A Good Actor / Dancer
Rasbihari: Meaning of Rasbihari is Lord Krishna
Rasesh: Meaning of Rasesh is Lord Krishna
Rasmaru: Meaning of Rasmaru is Lord Krishna
Rohanlal: Meaning of Rohanlal is Lord Krishna
Rohini Kumar: Meaning of Rohini Kumar is Lord Krishna
Rukminesh: Meaning of Rukminesh is Lord Krishna

Sadbhuj: Meaning of Sadbhuj is Six-armed form of Lord Krishna / Rama
Saket: Meaning of Saket is Lord Krishna
Samarth: Meaning of Samarth is Lord Krishna
Samdarshi: Meaning of Samdarshi is Lord Krishna
Sanwariya: Meaning of Sanwariya is Lord Krishna
Sarva: Meaning of Sarva is Lord Krishna / Shiva
Sarvapalaka: Meaning of Sarvapalaka is Protector Of All / Lord Krishna
Satvat: Meaning of Satvat is Lord Krishna
Satyaki: Meaning of Satyaki is One Who Is Truthful / Charioteer Of Krishna
Shankarshan: Meaning of Shankarshan is Lord Krishna’s Brother
Shankdhar: Meaning of Shankdhar is Lord Krishna
Shoubhit: Meaning of Shoubhit is Lord Krishna
Shreekrishna: Meaning of Shreekrishna is Lord Krishna
Shrigopal: Meaning of Shrigopal is Lord Krishna
Shrikeshav: Meaning of Shrikeshav is Lord Krishna
Shrikrishna: Meaning of Shrikrishna is Lord Krishna
Shrimohan: Meaning of Shrimohan is Lord Krishna
Shripadma: Meaning of Shripadma is Lord Krishna
Shyam: Meaning of Shyam is Dark / Lord Krishna / Dark Blue / Krishna
Shyamak: Meaning of Shyamak is Lord Krishna
Shyamal: Meaning of Shyamal is Lord Krishna / Black / Dark Blue
Shyamantak: Meaning of Shyamantak is Lord Krishna
Shyamsundar: Meaning of Shyamsundar is Lord Krishna
Shyamsunder: Meaning of Shyamsunder is Lord Krishna
Someshwar: Meaning of Someshwar is Lord Krishna
Sridhar: Meaning of Sridhar is Lord Krishna
Sudama: Meaning of Sudama is Lord Krishna’s friend / Meek
Suri: Meaning of Suri is Lord Krishna

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Thakarshi: Meaning of Thakarshi is Lord Krishna
Tirthayaad: Meaning of Tirthayaad is Lord Krishna
Tribang: Meaning of Tribang is Lord Krishna

Uddhav: Meaning of Uddhav is Lord Krishna’s friend / A Festival / Sacrificial ( Yagya ) Fire

Vaikunth: Meaning of Vaikunth is Abode of Lord Krishna / Heaven / Vishnu’s Abode
Vamsi: Meaning of Vamsi is Telugu Name / Krishna
Vamsidhar: Meaning of Vamsidhar is Lord Krishna
Vamsikrishna: Meaning of Vamsikrishna is Telugu Name / Krishna
Vanabihari: Meaning of Vanabihari is Lord Krishna
Vanamali: Meaning of Vanamali is Lord Krishna with a flower garland
Vanamalin: Meaning of Vanamalin is Lord Krishna
Vanmaalee: Meaning of Vanmaalee is An Epithet Of Krishna
Vasudev: Meaning of Vasudev is Lord Krishna’s father / God Of The Universe / Krishna’s Father
Vasumat: Meaning of Vasumat is Lord Krishna
Vasumitra: Meaning of Vasumitra is Krishna’s Friend
Vatsapal: Meaning of Vatsapal is Lord Krishna
Vedmohan: Meaning of Vedmohan is Lord Krishna
Veni: Meaning of Veni is Krishna Krishna
Venimadhav: Meaning of Venimadhav is Lord Krishna
Venkat: Meaning of Venkat is Lord Vishnu / Lord Krishna
Venkatesh: Meaning of Venkatesh is Lord Vishnu / Lord Krishna / Name Of God Vishnu / Lord Balaji
Vibhumat: Meaning of Vibhumat is Lord Krishna
Vishnay: Meaning of Vishnay is Flowers Of Lord Vishnu/ Krishna
Vitaharya: Meaning of Vitaharya is Lord Krishna
Vivaan: Meaning of Vivaan is Lord Krishna
Vrajakishore: Meaning of Vrajakishore is Lord Krishna
Vrajalal: Meaning of Vrajalal is Lord Krishna
Vrajamohan: Meaning of Vrajamohan is Lord Krishna
Vrajanadan: Meaning of Vrajanadan is Lord Krishna
Vrajesh: Meaning of Vrajesh is Lord Krishna
Vrajkishore: Meaning of Vrajkishore is Lord Krishna
Vrajmohan: Meaning of Vrajmohan is Lord Krishna
Vrajraj: Meaning of Vrajraj is Lord Krishna / King of Vrindavan
Vrisa: Meaning of Vrisa is Lord Krishna

Yadav: Meaning of Yadav is Particular Community Related To Lord Krishna
Yadavendra: Meaning of Yadavendra is Lord Krishna / Leader Of The Yadavas
Yadunandan: Meaning of Yadunandan is Descendant of the Yadu dynasty / Son Of Yadu / Krishna
Yadunath: Meaning of Yadunath is Lord Krishna
Yaduraj: Meaning of Yaduraj is Lord Krishna
Yaduvir: Meaning of Yaduvir is Lord Krishna
Yajnarup: Meaning of Yajnarup is Lord Krishna
Yashpal: Meaning of Yashpal is Lord Krishna
Yogini: Meaning of Yogini is Lover Of Yogas / Lord Krishna