Hindu Baby Names With Meanings – Named After Maa Parvati

Goddess Parvati is one of the many forms of Shakti, the unknowable but enlivening feminine force in Hindu Dharma, the feminine energy of the universe. She is also called as the family Goddess, known for her wifely devotion to Lord Shiva. She has many other names and aspects. Often Durga, Shakti, and Kali might be considered other forms of Parvati. As a Goddess of family and love, she is the one to turn to for help with marriage, parenting, and fertility. She has remarkable strength and determination. Some say that a worship of Shiva is useless without also worshiping Parvati.

Likewise, Goddess Parvati is a highly respected Goddess whom the devotees pray to and even name their child after her. Thus, here is the List of Hindu Baby Names With Meanings, Named After Maa Parvati. 

Maa Parvati

Hindu Baby Boy Names on Goddess Parvati with Meaning

Arya: Meaning of Arya is Goddess Parvati / Civilised / Noble
Durga: Meaning of Durga is The goddess / Parvati / Unreachable
Hemavatinandan: Meaning of Hemavatinandan is Son Of Goddess Parvati
Parvatinandan: Meaning of Parvatinandan is Son Of Parvati / Lord Ganesh
Rudra: Meaning of Rudra is Lord Shiva / Parvati / Consort Of Shiva / Crying / Angry / Lord Shiva
Rudrapriya: Meaning of Rudrapriya is Beloved Of Rudra / Parvati / Beloved Of Shiva
Shambhavi: Meaning of Shambhavi is Goddess Durga / Son Of Parvati / Lord Ganesha
Umachandra: Meaning of Umachandra is Uma ( Goddess Parvati) And Lord Shiva

Hindu Baby Girl Names on Goddess Parvati with Meaning

Abhirami: Meaning of Abhirami is Goddess Parvati
Abhitha: Meaning of Abhitha is Fearless (Goddess Parvati)
Akshainie: Meaning of Akshainie is Goddess Parvati
Akula: Meaning of Akula is Goddess Parvati
Ambika: Meaning of Ambika is Goddess Parvati / Mother Goddess
Aparna: Meaning of Aparna is Goddess Durga / Goddess Parvati

Bhargavi: Meaning of Bhargavi is All-glorious / Beautiful / Radiant / Name of Parvati
Bhavani: Meaning of Bhavani is Goddess Parvati

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Chalama: Meaning of Chalama is Goddess Parvati

Eesha: Meaning of Eesha is Goddess Parvati / Purity

Gaura: Meaning of Gaura is Goddes Parvati / Name Of A Raaga
Gauri: Meaning of Gauri is Goddess Parvati
Giribala: Meaning of Giribala is Goddess Parvati
Girija: Meaning of Girija is Parvati
Girisha: Meaning of Girisha is Goddess Parvati
Gorma: Meaning of Gorma is Goddess Parvati
Gorochana: Meaning of Gorochana is Goddes Parvati
Gowri: Meaning of Gowri is ” / Bright / Parvati” /

Hemani: Meaning of Hemani is Goddess Parvati
Hemavati: Meaning of Hemavati is Goddess Parvati
Himagouri: Meaning of Himagouri is Parvati
Himaja: Meaning of Himaja is Goddess Parvati
Himani: Meaning of Himani is Parvati

Jaya: Meaning of Jaya is Salutation / Victory / Goddess Parvati

Kaalanjari: Meaning of Kaalanjari is Parvati
Kaishori: Meaning of Kaishori is (Goddess Parvati)
Kalavati: Meaning of Kalavati is One of the 108 gopis / One who is artistic / Parvati / Artist
Kameshvari: Meaning of Kameshvari is Parvati / The Lord Of Desires

Maheshi: Meaning of Maheshi is Goddess Parvati
Menaja: Meaning of Menaja is Goddess Parvati
Mridini: Meaning of Mridini is Goddess Parvati
Mruda: Meaning of Mruda is Parvati / Affectionate

Naidhrua: Meaning of Naidhrua is Parvati / Almost Perfect
Nakula: Meaning of Nakula is Goddess Parvati

Omkareshwari: Meaning of Omkareshwari is Goddess Parvati / Gauri

Parnika: Meaning of Parnika is A Small Leaf / Parvati

Rajeshwari: Meaning of Rajeshwari is Goddess Parvati
Rameshwari: Meaning of Rameshwari is Parvati
Rudrani: Meaning of Rudrani is Goddess Parvati

Shailaja: Meaning of Shailaja is Goddess Parvati
Shailasha: Meaning of Shailasha is Parvati / One Who Lives In The Mountain
Shakambari: Meaning of Shakambari is Goddess Parvati
Shakini: Meaning of Shakini is Goddess Parvati
Shalaka: Meaning of Shalaka is Goddess Parvati
Shantala: Meaning of Shantala is Goddess Parvati
Shivali: Meaning of Shivali is Goddess Parvati
Shivani: Meaning of Shivani is Goddess Parvati
Shrigauri: Meaning of Shrigauri is Goddess Parvati
Sibani: Meaning of Sibani is Goddess Parvati
Sivani: Meaning of Sivani is Wife Of Siva/ Parvati
Sonakshi: Meaning of Sonakshi is Goddess Parvati
Sugauri: Meaning of Sugauri is Goddess Parvati
Sumangli: Meaning of Sumangli is Goddess Parvati
Suparna: Meaning of Suparna is Goddess Parvati

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Tarakeshwari: Meaning of Tarakeshwari is Goddess Parvati
Tarini: Meaning of Tarini is Goddess Parvati
Tarkeshwari: Meaning of Tarkeshwari is Parvati
Triambika: Meaning of Triambika is Goddess Parvati
Trijagati: Meaning of Trijagati is Goddess Parvati
Trilochana: Meaning of Trilochana is Goddess Parvati
Tripurasundari: Meaning of Tripurasundari is Goddess Parvati
Tripuri: Meaning of Tripuri is Parvati

Uma: Meaning of Uma is Goddess Parvati
Umika: Meaning of Umika is Goddess Parvati
Urja: Meaning of Urja is Goddess Parvati

Vaishnodevi: Meaning of Vaishnodevi is Goddess Parvati
Vanadurga: Meaning of Vanadurga is Goddess Parvati
Varaa: Meaning of Varaa is Goddess Parvati
Vignyatri: Meaning of Vignyatri is Goddess Parvati
Vishnumaya: Meaning of Vishnumaya is Goddess Parvati