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  • The distance between Sun and Earth mentioned in Hanuman Chalisa

    The shape of Earth’s orbit around the sun is not a circle and is slightly elliptical. Therefore, according to modern astronomy and science, the distance between the Earth and the Sun varies throughout the year. The nearest point in the earth’s orbit is known as Periapsis (Perihelion) at which the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, […]

  • The Eight Immortals of Hindu Dharma – Astha Chiranjeevi

    The samsara of life and death is endless until one finds liberation or moksha states the Hindu way of life. Until the elusive Moksha is attained either by good karma or nirvana life goes on between birth and death. No organism can escape the fate. Yet in Hindu Dharma, we come across 8 such personalities […]

  • Lord Hanuman’s son Makardhwaja – Yes Sankat Mochan had a son!

    Hanuman, exceptionally rendering the quality of the greatest devotee of Lord Rama, is known for his great strength and intellect. He has been given different names, one of them being Kesarinandan which means the son of Kesari. What if we say Kesarinandan himself was a father even though he had taken a vow of remaining […]

  • 12 Lessons from Hanuman Chalisa that everyone should learn

    One of the most powerful deities, Hanuman is blessed with “Mrityunjay” from Lord Shiva that makes him immortal and thus has a special place amongst the Hindus. According to Ramayana and Hindu scriptures, Hanuman is portrayed as a man with a face of a monkey with ultimate strength and power like that of the Gods. […]

  • Popular Hindu Gods

    These Are The 5 Most Popular Gods in Hindu Dharma

    Hindu religion is the most interesting and the oldest religion is known to mankind. There are various deities attached to Hindu Dharma and all of them have an interesting story attached to them. Hindu Religion is also the third largest religion in the world. Hindu dharma forms the base of our entire Indian culture. It […]

  • The 10 Tallest Statues of Hindu Gods in the World

    Here is the list of 10 tallest statues of Hindu Gods around the world. This listing is in descending order. 10. Hanuman of Carapichaima, Trinidad and Tobago – 85 ft. (26 m) This statue is located in the village of Carapichaima, Trinidad. It stands 85 feet or 26 meters tall and is built according to […]

  • How Lord Hanuman’s thirst for knowledge led to his Marriage

    The faithful ally we all wish for who goes to the extent of gambling his life for the noble cause, who would carry a hill for your kin, such was the Character of Anjanai Putra Hanuman. He was well known for being an aide of Rama, and a Celibate. But was he really a celibate? […]

  • The Truth About Rama Rajya – The Golden Rule of Lord Rama

    Lord Rama has been the epitome of righteousness and gold standard while judging one’s devotion towards parents, the truth, and his words. The fact that he left his kingdom for 14 years to wander off in the woods just for the sake of promise to his father and stepmother Kaikei goes on to show his […]

  • The Story of Lord Rama after Sita Surrenders to Mother Earth

    Ramayana, the epic we have been listening to since childhood and the holy lessons from the life of the legends are eternal. Lord Rama and his wife Sita, Laxman and Hanuman are the heroes we have been learning about since forever. We all have a thorough understanding of Ramayana until Rama escapes Sita from the […]

  • Interesting story on how Anjaneya came to be known as Lord Hanuman

    The God of creation, Lord Brahma is believed to live in a beautiful divine palace in his heavenly abode. A very beautiful Palace, even deities cannot stop the admiration about it and frequently visited the palace. Among them was a beautiful apsara named Anjana. Seeing at the devotion and services of Anjani, Brahma decided to […]

  • There are more than 15 Immortals according to Hindu texts

    There are more than 15 Chiranjeevi’s (chiram = “long or permanent”, jeev = “ living”) who are believed to exist even today on Earth according to Hindu religion. Those immortals were born human but blessed or cursed with extremely long life. The existing Puranas, the Ramayana, and the Mahabharata describe eight long-lived personalities in the […]

  • Mark Zuckerberg visited a temple in India when Facebook was struggling

    Everyone knows the success story of Facebook. What it was when it started and what it now just shows how far the social networking site and the company have come. But as every other company, struggles are real. And many tend to overlook it. Steve Jobs told Mark Zuckerberg to visit Kainchi Dham in India […]