List of Hindu BABY NAMES Based on Lord Hanuman With Meanings

Lord Hanuman, who was one of the greatest devotees of Lord Rama was a reincarnation of Lord Shiva himself. A Vedic scholar with no equal who possesses immeasurable strength and completes feats of supreme valor in the fight for Dharma (righteousness). Despite being one of the most intelligent and strongest gods, Pavana Putra Hanuman was yet renown for his humbleness, loyalty, and selflessness. He also is known to have mastered the nine types of devotion and is “Para Brahma.” Hanuman is adored whole-heartedly and worshipped ardently by devotees all over the world.

Hence, many devotees of Sri Hanuman like to chant his 108 names, mantras, devotional songs such as Hanuman Chalisa or even have their babies named after him. Therefore, here is a List of Hindu Baby Names based on Lord Hanuman For Both Boys and Girls.

Hindu Baby Names on Hanuman

Hindu Names on Lord Hanuman For Baby Girls:

Anjana: Meaning of Anjana is A mountain / Mother of Hanuman
Anjani: Meaning of Anjani is Unknown / Mother Of Hanuman
Anjini: Meaning of Anjini is Mother Of Hanuman

Hindu on Lord Hanuman for Baby Boys:

Aanjaneya: Meaning of Aanjaneya is Son Of Anjani (Hanuman)

Bajrang: Meaning of Bajrang is Lord Hanuman’s Name
Bhadrang: Meaning of Bhadrang is Hanuman

Danta: Meaning of Danta is Calm / Lord Hanuman

Iraj: Meaning of Iraj is Lord Hanuman

Kapindra: Meaning of Kapindra is King Of Monkeys / Hanuman
Kapish: Meaning of Kapish is Lord Hanuman
Keshto: Meaning of Keshto is Lord Hanuman

Lokapujya: Meaning of Lokapujya is Worshipped By The Universe / A Name For Lord Hanuman

Mahakaya: Meaning of Mahakaya is Gigantic / Lord Hanuman
Mahavir: Meaning of Mahavir is Lord Hanuman / A Jain Prophet / Also The Super Courageous One
Maruti: Meaning of Maruti is Lord Hanuman / Hanuman / Bhimsen

Panchavaktra: Meaning of Panchavaktra is Five Faced / Lord Hanuman
Pavanaj: Meaning of Pavanaj is Lord Hanuman
Pavankumar: Meaning of Pavankumar is Bhim / Hanuman (Son Of The Wind)
Pavanputra: Meaning of Pavanputra is Son Of Wind (Bhim / Hanuman)
Pavansut: Meaning of Pavansut is Son Of Wind (Bhim / Hanuman)
Prabhave: Meaning of Prabhave is Popular Lord / Lord Hanuman
Pragnya: Meaning of Pragnya is Scholar / / Scholar / Lord Hanuman

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Shoora: Meaning of Shoora is Bold / A Name For Lord Hanuman
Shrimate: Meaning of Shrimate is Revered / Lord Hanuman

Vajrakaya: Meaning of Vajrakaya is Sturdy Like Metal / Lord Hanuman
Vatatmaj: Meaning of Vatatmaj is Lord Hanuman
Vayu: Meaning of Vayu is Lord of the wind / Lord Hanuman
Vayujat: Meaning of Vayujat is Lord Hanuman
Vayunand: Meaning of Vayunand is Lord Hanuman

Yogini: Meaning of Yogini is Saint / A Name For Lord Hanuman