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Real History of Ayodhya and Ram Temple

August 5, 2020 marked a historic day for the nation when the ground breaking ceremony for Ram Mandir took place after more than 500 years of struggle. The following is a historical account of all the main events which took place in this long fought battle. 

It dates back all the way in 13800 BCE when the city of Ayodhya was founded. We see that Atharva veda (10.2.31) refers to Ayodhya as the capital of “Devas” during the “Deva-Asura” Sangram. The timeline also chronicles the birth of Shri Ram, the war of Mahabharata and the destruction of the temple by Babur’s general Mir Baqi in 1528. We also see that Guru Nanak Devji had darshan of Ram Mandir in 1510 and Nihang’s occupied the temple spot to reclaim it in 1858.

All this came to a logical conclusion when the foundation stone was laid following the judgement by Supreme Court of India in Nov. 2019 giving the land back to the Hindus.

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