Reason Why Lord Rama Accepted Mata Sita Only After Agni Pareeksha

Lord Sri Ram is beyond one’s thought, mind and version even. He can be known or got by his dear devotee only otherwise common people have no reach there. He is the prime source of energy by which everyone gets the energy to dwell. What he looks, is not his original form. His Tatva is far from anyone or gods, Rishi Muni thought even.

Sri Rama always expressed his great eagerness in getting back his dear wife Sita at the earliest. At no point in time, till his meeting with Seeta after the death of Ravana, he was depicted expressing his desire to give up Seeta as she was residing in Ravana’s house.

If Sri Rama already had a doubt of Seeta’s conjugal fidelity or he already decided to disown Seeta after killing of Ravana, he would have felt relieved with the news of the death of Sita. Instead, his immediate reaction to the news of Indrajit chopping off the head of illusionary Sita was to faint away.

Why Lord Rama Accepted Mata Sita Only After Agni Pareeksha?

It is the dhobi who suggested, that Sita needs to go through Agni Pareeksha to join Rama.Lord Sri Ram was well aware of the society people and the people who would be in Kalyug also. That is why, though, he was well aware that real Sita was not abducted, he just produced himself there as a common people and he gave a lesson to the society by taking Agni Pariksha of Mata. Lord Knew everything as Mata Sita was still purest one.

2ndly, Lord Sri Ram had to take back his Real Sita from Agni Deva. Mata Sita abducted by Raavan was the shadow of real Sita and Real Sita was placed to Agni Deva for some time by Lord Sri Ram, before his running after golden deer.

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Bhagwan had ordered fire god Agni very secretly to keep Mata Sita for some months as he had to act like a common man and had to finish out the Demons and Raavan. Mata Sita followed and also kept her just same form of shadow and that shadow of Mata Sita said to Lord Sri Ram to capture golden deer (who was Marich). It was so secret that even Lakshman Ji did not know the behind and secrecy of story. All, what Lord did in the jungle like a common person was just his divine Lila, which gods were not aware even. Narad Muni was also not aware of the fact.

So, by taking Agni Pariksha, Lord Sri Ram gave a clear cut impression to society about Mata Sita and he took back his Real Sita from fire god, Lord Agni. Sri Ram is infinite, unborn, inextinguishable imperishable. His Lila, acts his forms are all infinite. His bhakta can know it, otherwise, no one has the capability to know his reality. /Jai Sri Ram/

Note – There are estimated more than three hundred version of Ramayan is known to exist. Since it was translated many different languages, one version differs from another one depending on the region and language.

The Sita parityaga (Disowning of Seeta), Seeta Agnipravesha, the arrival of all GODs and Sri Rama accepting Seeta episodes were described in the Sargas 115 to 118 of Yuddha Kanda of Srimad Ramayana.

Source – Quora/Ramayana

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