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  • 8 cultural practices of Harappan Era that has still been continued till today

    Harappan or Sarasvati-Sindhu Valley civilization dates to at-least 5000 years. While almost all the ancient civilization has totally disappeared and it’s rare to even find a trace of them. It may come as a shock to see that there are many Indian cultures that are a continuity of this age-old Harappan era. It certainly makes […]

  • Discover These Not-so-famous Brahma Temples In India

    Legends state that Brahma, when compared to the other gods was more lenient and peaceful, and that he used to bless his devotees whole-heartedly. There were many instances when he blessed his devotees with boons without even considering the repercussions of his blessings. Many people believe that there is only one Brahma temple in India, […]

  • Bhadrakali Temple - Jama Masjid

    10 Mosques in India that were built over Hindu Temples

    India’s history ranges thousands of years and it is something that makes all Indians proud to be a part of it. India is the same country where people proudly boasts its history that includes epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana that mentions the rich archives of knowledge, grand infrastructures, the vast wealth and many many temples. […]

  • Reincarnation

    What does Hindu dharma say about Reincarnation?

    The concept of Sanatana Dharma and reincarnation might just have the same birth date. For those indulged in religion, reincarnation is a theological doctrine. It’s a fact for most of the Hindus. There are certain evidences that support the claims of reincarnation. But mostly, they can be categorized into two: i. jatismaras – the people […]

  • halloween

    Surprisingly, Halloween could have its roots in India

    It will be surprising for most of the people to know that Halloween is not a Western or Christian culture but has its original root from Hindu religion. Previously called “Hallows evening”, later termed as “Halloween”, derives quite a few beliefs from Hindu religion and regional traditions as well. To understand how it has its […]

  • Om Naham Shivaya

    Om Namah Shivaya – Meaning and its Significance

    Om Namah Shivaya is the mantra dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is one of the most important mantras in Shaivism and equally powerful Hindu Mantra. This mantra literally goes back to thousands of years and is mentioned in Yajurveda in the Shri Rudram hymn. This mantra means “adoration to Shiva” or “I bow to Shiva” […]

  • Badami Cave Temples in Karnataka – Amazing Ancient Rock Cut Temples

    Badami Cave Temples is a prestige of Badami town, nearly the historical town reservoir, Agastya tirtha reservoir, in Bagalkot district of Karnataka, India. The temples have great values for Hindu and Jain tradition. A brief History The temples are said to be built around the late 6th-7th century AD, after the initiation by the first […]

  • Amazing 13th Century Konark Sun Temple of Orissa

    This temple is dedicated to Surya, the sun god, as well as Lord Brahma. Located at the Konark village of Orissa in India, this temple is listed as the World Heritage site since 1984. The History It is said to be built by East Ganga King Narasimhadeva in order to pride the military successes against […]

  • Untold Truth Behind Rani Padmavati & Alauddin Khilji That You Need To Know

    There are various challenging stories about Padmavati otherwise known as Padmini. While from one viewpoint, the Rajputs keep up the holiness of everything identified with her, historians regularly say that her life was only an artist’s creative energy. The Truth Behind Rani Padmavati History of Rajputana Beginning from Mewar and spreading to Amer, Ajmer, and […]

  • God and Soul, Atma and Paramatma according to Hindu Dharma

    There are many names of God in Hindu Dharma: Brahman, Isvara, Paramatman, Supreme Self, Bhagavan, Parabrahman, Shiva, Vishnu, Yaksha etc. The soul, on the other hand, is known as Atman or self or individual self. The supreme self and the self are two eternal entities of creation. Both are enjoyers. But one is the supreme […]

  • 10 Movies based on Hindu Epics and Gods

    All across the world, Indian culture is widely known for its richness and its diversity of its deep culture. Its history dates back to the earliest times of human civilization. Hence, India has been the nation of spiritualism for ages and this has naturally influenced the India cinema. If not many there are a few […]

  • This Shiva Temple in Darjeeling connects both Hindus and Buddhists

    One of the highly revered temples in Darjeeling, Mahakal Mandir is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Among the locals, it is known as “Holy Hill”, and is only a few minutes of walk from Chowrasta. The temple is located at the top of the highest ridge of the town. The most interesting fact about the temple […]