Scientific Study on Indian Cow Urine show remarkable properties

Gomutra (Cow Urine) occupies a unique place in Hindu civilisation and is known as “Amrita”. It forms a part of Panchagavya Ghrita or the five major substances like urine, milk, ghee, curd, and dung obtained from cows. The Indian cow, Bos Indicus, is highly valued and its derivatives possess particular medicinal properties and can be combined with other herbs to fight even against deadly diseases like diabetes, cancer and AIDS. Also Bos Indicus milk has A2 protein vs the A1 protein found in regular cow milk. 

A1 milk is not absorbed well by the human body and may trigger adverse health effects. A2 protein is healthier and easier to digest. Indian Cow urine (Gomutra Ark) has also been granted US Patents for its medicinal properties and is an antibiotic, antifungal, and anticancer agent.

A collaborative pharmacological study was done on Wistar albino rats to see antidiabetic and antioxidant effects of Gomutra Ark on them. They measured blood sugar, vitamin C and malondialdehyde release. Blood Glucose was found to be significantly lowered as was malondialdehyde and Vitamin C. The study found Cow urine highly therapeutic and safe for chronic use. 

This is in tune with what the sages and people in general in India have known for ages.

Gomutra ark helps in Diabetes!

In this study, Fasting blood glucose (FBS) was recorded daily at 9.00 am for one week by glucometer by collecting blood samples. The animals were divided into three groups of six animals each. 

Blood glucose level was found to be decreased for the diabetic group receiving cow urine daily for 28 days. However, gomutra produced significant lowering of the blood sugar level and this validates the claim that it is effective in diabetes.

Gomutra ark is an Antioxidant!

As part of the same study, volatile fatty acids were found in Gomutra which substantiates the antioxidant effect. Antioxidants prevent or slow the damage to the cells caused by free-radicals. The antioxidant action of Gomutra was assessed by using thiobarbituric acid reactive substances and estimation of the ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). 

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This is also contributing to the lower glucose levels in the blood by preventing damage to the beta-cells of the pancreas.

Gomutra Ark is non toxic!

Usually medicines at high doses create toxicity. However, Gomutra Ark has the remarkable property of remaining non-toxic even at high doses.
Studies were done on both Acute and Chronic Toxicity.
For acute toxicity effects, Animals were divided into five groups of six animals each and were given Gomutra ark in increasing doses. Animals were observed for tremors, clonic convulsions, tonic extensions, catatonia, spasticity, opisthotonus, ataxia, sedation, ptosis and respiration.
No toxicity signs were observed even at high doses of Gomutra Ark!

For chronic toxicity, The various parameters which were observed were weight, food intake, any gross change in behavior and motor activity. The mean weight of the rats in different groups was recorded after one, two, and three months respectively.
The difference was found to be insignificant. 

Further, changes in motor activity were measured using a photoactometer which were found to be incremental suggesting a stimulant effect on the Central nervous system which caused increased energy levels. This is in tune with some traditional literature where it has been mentioned that cow urine causes a sense of generalized well being.

Thus the study found significant anti-diabetic effect of gomutra which is comparable to the standard drug glibenclamide. It also produced significant antioxidant activity and was non-toxic in nature. 


On Cows

Oftentimes, Hindu reverence for the cow has been mocked. But there is a lot of scientific basis to traditional medicine. Cow urine is also used in Chinese Herbal Medicine and a remedy based on that was used to effectively treat SARS, leading the Wall Street Journal to remark how Chinese Medicine was gaining new respect.

Unfortunately in India, not enough value has been given to research on traditional remedies, but that is changing now with these new studies.

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