Discover These Not-so-famous Brahma Temples In India

Legends state that Brahma, when compared to the other gods was more lenient and peaceful, and that he used to bless his devotees whole-heartedly. There were many instances when he blessed his devotees with boons without even considering the repercussions of his blessings.

Many people believe that there is only one Brahma temple in India, and is located at Pushkar. Yes, it is the oldest temple dedicated to Brahma. It is said to be the most famous temple in the world purely dedicated to Brahma but it’s not the only one. The numbers are not many but apart from the Pushkar’s Brahma temple, there are several other temples too.

Following are few of the most worshiped Brahma temples in India.

1. Asotra Brahma Temple, Barmer

The Asotra Temple is situated in the Barmer district of Rajasthan. It is one of those temples that are primarily dedicated to Brahma. It was created by the Rajpurohits of Barmer and is totally built in Jaisalmer and Jodhpur stone. However, the idol of Lord Brahma is made of marble.

2. Adi Brahma Temple, Khokhan, Kullu Valley

The Adi Brahma Temple is situated in the Khokhan area of the Kullu valley. It is believed that the temple was worshiped by civilians from both, the Mandi and Kullu district. However, when the two kingdoms split, there was a replica built at Mandi and devotees had to visit the temple that belonged within the boundaries of the Mandi kingdom.

3. Brahma Temple, Kumbakonam

It is said that Lord Brahma was proud of his gift of creation to the extent that he boasted of being better than Shiva and Vishnu at the art of creation. This led Vishnu to create a ghost who scared Brahma. Worried and scared, he came to Vishnu seeking for help, after having apologized for his immodesty. Vishu then asked him to observe penance on Earth to redeem his mistake. He then chose Kumbakonam to meditate and pleased by his attempts, Vishnu accepted his apology and reinstated his knowledge and status among the gods.

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4. Brahma Kamrali Mandir, Panaji

The Brahma Kamrali temple is situated around7 km from Valpoi and around 60 km from Panaji. Though the temple is not that old, but it is believed that the idol was made in the 11th century. It is probably the only temple in Goa, dedicated to Lord Brahma.

Do pay a visit to these not-so-famous Brahma temples and do share if you are aware of any other Brahma temple as well.

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