On your next visit to temple, don’t bow your head and walk away!

India is a country full of temples. There is no place or corner, of India, where you will not find an idol placed in respect. Well, all that is fine as long as you are continually seeking blessings. How about when you step outside your city to enjoy some fresh sightseeing? No surprises here, as numerous temples can be found here too. It is always good to visit a temple, offer prayers and be ready to move out. But, is that really all you want to do on your trip? Sometimes, you are left with no choice but to see around quickly and be ready to move. 

Virupaksha Temple. Photo by rn Pictures on 500px.com

This is why we are discussing today an important point regarding the temples. Our suggestion is, you can enjoy every temple in great detail and a very special way. No, we don’t mean worshiping now. That anyways goes without saying. 

Here are few suggestions to enjoy visiting temples in a fresh way.

There is so much to learn and observe. If you are a learned Hindu, and by that we mean, you know your cultural history, the Gods, diverse Vedic practices, you are bound to enjoy more inside a temple. Undoubtedly, the ancient Indian history, the epics, the different Gods, is so rich that you cannot help observing and asking questions.

The temple priest, the people around, depict the cultural characteristics in the most common way.

Image source – dawn.com

How temple priest receives you, attend to you, and if they have time, how they interact with you reflects upon the local culture. If you are an acute observer, you will the difference in the temple in a South from one in the North. Also, look at how people dress-up. It is the way the people of the city dress up traditionally.

The sculpture and the architecture of every temple is a unique sight.

Photo by Abinav Manikantan on 500px.com

You can always inquire about how each God was sculpted, it’s origin, it’s establishment, and still, carefully observe the splendid artwork. It is very intriguing to know how these beautiful sculptures were made. Following which, you can ask many questions about the history of the temple, it’s destruction in the past, it’s resurrection, the local people will build it live in your memories. They know the truth better than you.

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Click as many pictures as you want.

Free Spirit in Varanasi by RazzRozzfaisal Razalli on 500px.com

You can share the local narrative with friends, families, or anybody who is deeply interested.

Try and observe the life in and around these temples.

Photo by ANIL SHARMA on 500px.com

Every place has a distinguished style of life, local habits, local beliefs and miraculous stories to share. It will first appear to you as how people revere Gods in own, routine way. 

Try attending the special Aarti or Puja if you have time in the morning or evening.

Photo by Massimiliano Sticca on 500px.com

It is a special experience every time. And a unique opportunity too.

Try and dig more information about the unique religious practices of each place.

jagannath temple Puri
Photo – Jagannath.nic.in

Our guess is, you will feel shocked, surprised, or at least curious about how it feels to be seeking god’s blessings in such a unique way. 

Like we all know, religion and culture are vast and deep-rooted in India. The different cultures give us a view of how different humans can be from each other. One person’s belief and perspective on life is so different from other individuals. 

If you thought you are very religious, you may even rethink on an own account after you come across some staunch beliefs and practices. The basic point is that sometimes superstition, belief, sentiment, emotions, overrules the logic of your brain. There is no debating the fact that India is a country attached to the long woven thread of multiplicity of Gods. Each religious group is attached to their faith in an own way. It is a privilege to know it so deep. Count on your blessings and still learn more about the vast heritage of India. 

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