The value of Swastika should be re-educated to people in the West

Ever since Prince Harry’s provocation of international outrage by wearing Nazi outfits with the “swastika” symbol on his arm at a private fancy dress party, the German members of European Parliament called for the total ban of the use of swastika all over Europe. This has, in fact, had a bad impression on the purity, the divinity, the pristineness, the position that Swastika holds in the human race. For the followers of Vedas, Sanatana Dharma or Hindu Dharma, the voices have risen to say “Hands off our sacred Swastika”. The problem for them is that European Parliament is considering such a ban for this innocent symbol, and the question they ask are: “What has Swastika done wrong? What is the crime of Swastika?”.

The swastika was once revered and worshiped as the symbol of the human being all across the world regardless of all faiths, races, religion and ethnicity. Now since Christianity dominated the parliament, the idiotic and illogical act of banning Swastika is nothing but a phobia of Swastika, and must hence, be called for immediately to lift this ban and use the symbol to recover its original meaning. The only way to do it is to un-educate the current symbolism and re-educate what it truly justifies and reinstate the holiness that this symbol holds.

During the second world war, the symbol was portrayed as the symbol of horror, racism, and xenophobia, when it fact, it holds the meaning of auspiciousness, good luck and well-being. Since then, the symbol has been portrayed as a sign of evilness, demise, destruction and perdition. We can say that the World War left an uncalled politics to drive such aloofness in public.

It all comes down to one person for this atrocity – Adolf Hitler. Hitler did not invent the symbol. He just took a symbol from the most ancient of Human civilizations of the Vedic period and used it to represent his party National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP), more commonly known as the Nazi, which was used well before him in the early European cultures where it was used as a spiritual symbol. Even the Norse god, Thord had his famous hammer leave behind the mark of the swastika. Many other organizations such as Thule Society, a secret Neo-Monastic Lodge, and Paramilitary Freikorps used the swastika as the symbol too. Perhaps, he was ignorant of what it meant and defined the significance of the symbol.

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As mentioned before, Swastika is a Vedic symbol of Aryavarta and is used even in present days to symbolize luck and joy. Even today, during the voting process in the South Asian country, Nepal, the swastika symbol is used.

Children light lamps in the shape of Swastika, on the eve of Hindu festival of Diwali, in the northern city of Chandigarh, November 11, 2004.

It stands for truth, compassion, tolerance and happiness. The only fault was made by Hitler and his Nazi party as the prominent emblem as well as in their military outfits.

But there is a problem there. There is hypocrisy here too. Hitler used to wear a cross symbol on the left of his chest, near to his heart.

Photo: Berliner Verlag/Archiv

That cross symbolizes Christianity and still continues to be used worldwide. Why is that symbol not considered to be the symbol of genocide and anti-Semitism? If that is the case, then why is the parliament in Europe not working to ban such a symbol? Why is it that they show such biasness and discrimination towards this holy symbol of a swastika? Is it because the European Union are made mostly of Christians and that the cross is their holy symbol?

Such questions must be answered before moving to pass the ban on the swastika.

Swastika holds thousands of years of heritage and has served good faith for a long course of human civilization. Even today, it continues to do so. A swastika is not at fault. Hitler was. Hitler was never in any way related to Vedic Dharma or its branches. His heinous act should not be the reason why Swastika is punished.

A swastika is pure and should always remain pure. This Vedic Sanatana Dharma teaches – help, charity, tolerance and non-violence. There isn’t a single way this is related to anti-Semitism. The negative symbolism of Swastika demands an end and demands to be ruled out of that senseless ban.

(Source – Information and Origin of Hindu Symbol Swastika )

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