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  • 9 Most famous aspects of Lord Shiva that are known yet

    Though Shiva is believed to ‘Nirakar’ in Hindu dharma, there are several forms and aspects of Lord Shiva that everyone is accustomed to worldwide. Here is the list of most famous aspects of lord Shiva: 1. Panchanana Shiva At some of the temples, Shiva is portrayed as having five faces. Each of these faces are […]

  • The Reason why Rama is known as the Maryada Purushottam

    Known to be the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama is one of the most popular Hindu gods and he stands as the symbol of Maryada Purushottam, which means the perfect man. Just like other avatars of Vishnu, Lord Rama took his birth on earth to destroy the evil of the age, which was […]

  • Tamas Sattva Rajas

    Three Gunas that Hindu dharma talks about – Sattva, Rajas and Tamas

    According to Hindu dharma, the mind has three Gunas. They are the Sattva guna, which represents light, bliss, goodness; the Raja Guna which represents passion and motion; and Tamas Guna which represents darkness and inertia. Corresponding to these three Gunas are three Vritti – Santa Vritti, peace, comes from Sattva Guna, Ghora Vritti comes from […]

  • Powerful weapons used in the Hindu epic Ramayana

    During the ancient Hindu times, there existed powerful weapons that were so powerful that it had more destructive force than the advanced nuclear weapons. Believe it or not, but there were weapons that could annihilate the whole universe. Lord Rama and his weapons Let’s discuss some of the characters of Ramayana and their weapons here: […]

  • Lord Ganesha Represents Supreme Intelligence, Mahat-tattva

    Worshipped by millions of Hindu followers across the world, Ganesha is one of the popular Hindu gods. It might be surprising to say that Ganesha has played a great role in unifying the religious sentiments of Hindus in India during the British rule and also symbolized the national aspiration in the critical time of Indian […]

  • Reincarnation

    What does Hindu dharma say about Reincarnation?

    The concept of Sanatana Dharma and reincarnation might just have the same birth date. For those indulged in religion, reincarnation is a theological doctrine. It’s a fact for most of the Hindus. There are certain evidences that support the claims of reincarnation. But mostly, they can be categorized into two: i. jatismaras – the people […]

  • Amazing 13th Century Konark Sun Temple of Orissa

    This temple is dedicated to Surya, the sun god, as well as Lord Brahma. Located at the Konark village of Orissa in India, this temple is listed as the World Heritage site since 1984. The History It is said to be built by East Ganga King Narasimhadeva in order to pride the military successes against […]

  • How did Yogis float in the air? – The art of levitation

    Before beginning with anything, we must internalize the concept that our body is not just a physical one, but instead, has five sheaths, known as Pancha Kosha. The external visualization is the annamaya kosha, the food sheath, and when we die, we leave this annamaya kosha and four koshas to go to other realms, depending […]

  • The Significance and Story behind Govardhan Puja or Annakuta

    Govardhan Puja or Annakut puja is celebrated across India and Nepal to cherish the victory of Lord Krishna over the King of demigods Lord Indra. Lord Krishna taught the people of Vrindavan to worship nature. Annakut pooja is performed with immense gratitude, passion, and eagerness.  Govardhan Puja is performed on the fourth day of the Diwali […]

  • 10 Unsolved mysteries of India that you won’t believe

    We are in the modern times now. We have left most of the superstitions behind and used science to analyze and accept things. Logic has prevailed the mere superstitions, and we don’t accept things just because we have to accept it. But there are mysteries that have left people baffled to find the reasons behind. […]

  • God and Soul, Atma and Paramatma according to Hindu Dharma

    There are many names of God in Hindu Dharma: Brahman, Isvara, Paramatman, Supreme Self, Bhagavan, Parabrahman, Shiva, Vishnu, Yaksha etc. The soul, on the other hand, is known as Atman or self or individual self. The supreme self and the self are two eternal entities of creation. Both are enjoyers. But one is the supreme […]

  • Science of Ishavasya Upanishad – The Ruler of the Self

    Among the principal Upanishads, Isavasya is the only one that is part of Samhita. Isha Upanishad consists of 18 verses in poetry and is the end part of Sukla Yajurveda. Why is it important to be a part of Samhita? It acts as a testimony for the authenticity and ancient factor of the Upanishad. The […]