When will Corona Pandemic end? What Astrologers say.

Disclaimer – The predictions shared in this article are the views of the specific individuals and are shared only for informational purposes only. There are many contributing factors. Detechter is not responsible for the accuracy or lack thereof of the opinions of the astrologers presented herein.  Please take all precautions during this difficult period.

Vedic astrology or the science of Jyotish studies predicts the impact of celestial bodies on earth and its inhabitants. We present what some leading astrologers predicted about the virus and when it will end!

Anirudh Kumar Mishra is a Vedic Astrologer, who in his tweet on June 25th, 2019 predicted the rise of an epidemic in Western Countries in November, 2020. The novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has indeed shook the world from around the same time as it was predicted. It’s remarkable how accurate his prediction was.

This was his tweet in June 2019:

Notable that the Corona virus is known to have started in November and is currently having the most impact on Western countries. Here are the top 10 countries by the impact of Coronavirus. (as on 25th March, 2020). 

Impact to last from January to April

Another astrologer, Ashutosh Chawla in his video explains further. 

Surya grahan – solar eclipse which happened on 26th of December in Dhanu Rashi especially in Moola Nakshatra, a lot of toxicity is going to increase“. 

This is when the first case of Coronavirus was detected towards the end of December, and has been growing since the middle of January, 2020. The first death was reported around the Mid of January.

Astrologically speaking, “this Moola Nakshatra in which the Solar eclipse happened is very important when it comes to calamities. The deity of Moola Nakshatra is Nriti (translates to “Calamities”) and when an eclipse (grahan) happens, a lot of toxicity is increased. Whenever, the slow moving planets like Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter, Saturn get into the Mula Nakshatra during Grahan, that is when we have to be more careful about such epidemics or natural calamities.

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Corona cure anticipated in April

“Good things is Saturn has moved on to Capricorn and so will Jupiter. So when they both move into Capricorn, which is 2nd from Dhanu rashi, which is also the Marka from Dhanu rashi. So all this poison which got created in dhanu rashi because of this transit and eclipse is going to end by the end of march and we should get a cure by the first week of April

He however cautioned us – “till the time this transition is happening, we should take maximum precaution, such as using sanitizers and washing our hands properly, till October 2020, at least. Last time when Mula Nakshatra was transited by Ketu, it was accompanied by Mars. That was the time we experienced 9/11.”

Astrologer, Anirudh Kumar Mishra, In another tweet, has also predicted something similar – 

Play the Rudram chant during Corona

Ashutosh also gives us the remedy- 

“The best remedy for this phase is that we should pray to Rudram because the partner of Nriti is Rudra. If we look at 180 degrees Nakshatra placement from Moola Nakshatra, it comes as Ardra Nakshatra which is ruled by Rudra. So praying to Shiva in the form of Rudra, listening to Rudram chants everyday is good enough to prevent us, develop a protection around us from this deadly Coronavirus.

“Apart from this we should take help from Ayurveda, Homeopathy and focus on boosting our immunity. Sometimes listening to Ganpati Athavashish, going to Ganesha temple and offering dhurva to Ganesha also helps.”