Lines on your palm can reveal answers regarding your marriage

Palmistry is an ancient practice of telling events through time by reading the palm lines & fingers- their shape, length, etc., which is widely valued in and around Asian countries. Unlike birth chart or horoscope in Astrology, there is no mention of birth time or date, which makes this ancient practice even more interesting. In the Vedic Palmistry, the interpretation of various palm lines and fingers & palmar features can help one sneak into their future to know about certain events in life, like marriage, progeny, career, health, success, etc.

Which line indicates the marriage line?

The fine line, which you may see in between the base of the little finger and heart line, is termed as Marriage Line. However, there can be more than one line, which clearly does not indicate multiple marriages. The one, which is more prominent, deep and dark, is believed to be the Marriage Line.

What if there are multiple lines?

Those fine, faded and short lines, adjacent to the main Marriage Line indicate relationships, affair, or a broken engagement. The number of these lines, their position, and shape also reveal the nature of marriage, and spouse’s health and personality.

Early or late marriage

For men, when the marriage line and heart line have a huge gap, then it indicates late marriage i.e. after 32 years of age. For women, this indicates marriage after the age of 27.

True or immature

A long marriage line indicates marriage, meeting life partner or true love and relationship is mostly strong, while a short and unclear line indicates a haste or immature marriage.

Maybe too early

If the marriage line is intersected or crossed by either a heart or any adjacent line, then it means marriage before the age of 23.

Delay in marriage

The more a marriage line is close to the little finger the more delay in marriage; can even result in no marriage at all.

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A marriage line, which is broken mid-way is an indication of separation from a partner, sometimes even divorce.

Double love

A marriage line, which sees many tiny lines coming out of it like that as the fork is an indication of falling in love with two people at the same time; ‘better if they avoid marriage in haste.

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