These markings on your palm are said to be blessings from Lord Shiva and Vishnu

Palm reading is an old tradition of finding out one’s past, present, and future, like that of horoscope and other astrological tools. There are some markings in the palm of a person that are considered to be a blessing of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu; people having those are more likely to prosper and benefit highly in life.


1. Triangle – If you have a triangle in your palm, you are one of the lucky ones to have a special talent that will take you to success and fortune.

2. Trident – Shiva’s Trishul is believed to protect all from evil, so as any sign of Trident in your palm means you will be able to face any kind of problems.

3. Star – Having star sign on your palm means have special ability to do something. You will be able to do well in all kind of fields of life and even personally.

4. Diamond – If you have a diamond sign in your palm, it means you like to explore and experiment different things. This will take you to different avenues of life and usually become successful person.

5. Crescent – This indicates of high intuition and you will be able to predict and plan your future. You will have good judgmental qualities.

6. Varga – You will be out of trouble and problems most of the time in life. This symbol indicates hurdling through obstacles.

7. Grill – You will be patient throughout your life even there are big troubles and strength comes to you to overcome them.

8. Mystic Cross – You will be religious and spiritual if you have this indication in your palm. You will be an influencer in life to be able to assert positivity to others.

9. Fish – If you have this sign in your palm, you are the person who always does or like to do good in life. You will be inclined spiritually also.

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10. Cross – You will be able to face all the challenges that come up to you in life and break towards success easily. You will have the feelings of empowerment and strength, which will guide you towards prosperity.

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