10 Deadliest Weapons Found in Ancient Hindu Stories

Hindu’s story is filled with war and battle between the good and the evil, devas and the asuras, and how God in different forms protect the good over the evil. There are different kinds of powerful weapons used in different stories. There were more than 1000 kinds of weapons used in Mahabharata epic alone.

10 Most Powerful Weapons in Ancient Hindu Epics

Below is the list of the most deadly weapon considered above all others in Hindu epics.

1. Trishula

Trishula is a three spear headed weapon carried by Lord Shiva himself and is considered the most powerful weapon that upon unleashed can be heavily destructive and cannot be stopped or controlled by any means except for Shiva himself. The Trishula can nullify any supernatural weapons existed.

2. Sudharshana Chakra

Mahabharat Weapons
Lord Krishna in Mahabharata

Sudharshana Chakra is a spinning disc-like weapon with 108 serrated edges seen on the index finger of Lord Vishnu. It was gifted by Lord Shiva to Vishnu that was formed from the dust of the sun and scraps taken from the trident of Shiva and made by the architect of Gods – Vishwakarma.

3. Pashupatastra

Shiva gives Pashupatastra to Arjuna

According to Hindu theory Pashupatastra is the most powerful weapon after the weapons of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. It is the most irresistible and destructive weapon that is discharged by the mind, the eyes, the words, or a bow. In Mahabharata epic, Arjuna received it from Lord Shiva but never came into use.

4. Brahmanda Astra

Image by Nisachar on DeviantArt.com

Brahmanda is believed to manifest the 4 heads of Brahma, which can nullify most of all the powerful weapons released at it. This weapon can even swallow Brahmastra and neutralize it. It was created by Saptarishis to counter any weapon ever created. Brahmarishi Vashistha used it in defense to Vishwamitra’s attack of all divine weapons.

5. Brahmashira

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Brahmashira is considered 4 times more powerful weapon than Brahmastra. When used, it can devastate the place to such great deal leaving it infertile for decades. Indrajit (Meghanada) used it in Ramayana epic killing 670 million Vanaras. In Mahabharata, Aswasthama used it to finish the dynasty of Pandavas.

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6. Narayanastra

Narayanastra, when used, would create millions of arrows and a disc-like weapon that is considered very destructive. It is one of the weapons that had to be obtained from Lord Vishnu in the form of Narayana which can be used only once in a lifetime.

7. Bhargavastra

Artwork by jubjubjedi on DeviantArt

Bhargavastra is a weapon of Parashurama given to Karna which when used inflicts more powerful weapons, powerful than the Indrastra. It can destroy the whole planet if not retracted.

8. Vajrayudha

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Vajrayudha, Vajra, in short, is the weapon of Indra, King of devas, It released bolts of powerful lightning making it one of the most powerful weapons known.

9. Teen Baan

Teen Baan is a weapon of Barbarika in Mahabharata Epic that he received as a boon from Devi Siddhidatri. It is believed if Barbarika participated in the Mahabharata war, he could finish the war in 30 seconds with the use of Teen Baan. The weapon is an arrow used 3 times, one to choose the target, other to choose the target to be saved and third to destroy all the targets not chosen.

10. Brahmastra

Brahmastra is the most popular and known weapon in Hindu stories and it’s very destructive considered as powerful as nuclear weapons today. When released could be very disastrous as well as it can counter other supernatural weapons in defense.

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