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  • 12 Houses in Astrology

    10 Must-Know Facts About Astrology Before Showing Your Birth Chart

    Astrology is the knowledge of ascertaining one’s life experiences and prospects through reasoning it with the effect of celestial bodies in our galaxy. It is believed that the movement of planets, stars, and other heavenly bodies directly affects activities of all living beings on earth. Astrology determines those effects and relates it to the prospects […]

  • Autobiography of Yogi

    10 Must Read Books That Depict The Essence Of Hindu Religion

    Hindu religion is beyond a kind of religion, it is the way of life followed by many, especially people from the Indian subcontinent. Many books have been written on Hindu religion, its theology, stories, methodologies, and its significance. Here is the list of 10 must-read books that illustrate the essence of Hindu religion and motivates […]

  • halloween

    Surprisingly, Halloween could have its roots in India

    It will be surprising for most of the people to know that Halloween is not a Western or Christian culture but has its original root from Hindu religion. Previously called “Hallows evening”, later termed as “Halloween”, derives quite a few beliefs from Hindu religion and regional traditions as well. To understand how it has its […]

  • Om Naham Shivaya

    Om Namah Shivaya – Meaning and its Significance

    Om Namah Shivaya is the mantra dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is one of the most important mantras in Shaivism and equally powerful Hindu Mantra. This mantra literally goes back to thousands of years and is mentioned in Yajurveda in the Shri Rudram hymn. This mantra means “adoration to Shiva” or “I bow to Shiva” […]

  • Influence of Hindu religion in Southeast Asian Countries

    Hindu religion is the oldest religion known so far and it is not only influential in India but also many Southeast Asian countries. The civilization of India influenced the languages, scripts, calendars, and artistic aspects of these people and nations. Myanmar (Burma) Hindu religion in Burma is practiced by about 8,40,000 people. Because a reliable […]

  • Here is why Hinduism is actually called Sanatana Dharma

    In ancient times, Persians called people living on the bank of Sindhu River as Hindu because they lacked ‘Sa’ syllable in their language and pronunciation, and mixed with ‘Ha’ syllable, thus called Hindu instead of Sindhu. After the influence of European, especially British, due to the colonization of Indus Valley civilization, Hindu religion came to […]

  • Karma Quote

    Famous Quotes about Karma – Collection of 40+ Quotes about Karma

    Karma means that any action done in this or previous state of existence will result in the future or next state of existence. The word “Karma” is derived from Hindu dharma. This theory of Karma has not only influenced the Hindu followers but has been adored by many others from various philosophical and religious environments. Here […]

  • Things you would want to know about RSS – Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh

    RSS is an abbreviated form of Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh or Rashtriya Sewa Sangh. It is a Hindu based nationalistic organization in India and thought to be the parent organization of ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as its political wing. It has conservative values that hope to make India a Hindu country and enforce Hindu way […]

  • 25+ Vedic Maths Tricks In Simplified Version

    This is a simplified and summarized version of Vedic Maths – book written by the Indian Hindu Priest Bharati Krishna Tirthaji and first published in 1965. The Vedic maths contains 16 sutras (formulae) and 13 sub-sutras. The 16 Sutras of Vedic Maths 1. Ekadhikena Purvena – By one more than the previous one For any integer […]

  • Raja Yoga

    Here is why Yoga is known as path to unite with God in Hindu Dharma

    Yoga is a Sanskrit word when translated to English means union. Yoga is the union between individual consciousness and the Infinite consciousness or God. Yoga is both spiritual and physical, which teaches that people should attempt to unite the individual spirit to God, to atman – the individual soul or essence of a person – […]

  • Know what food means in Hindu Dharma

    Food is so vitally important in Hindu religion that it is considered to be part of God or Brahman. It nourishes the entire physical, mental, and emotional aspects of a human being. It is considered a gift from God and should be treated respectfully. Food in Hindu Dharma Food is considered an actual part of […]

  • The concept of atoms was actually formulated by an Indian Sage 2600 years ago

    The Vaisheshika system is one of the six Hindu schools of philosophy from ancient India. Acharya Kanada in around 6th to 2nd Century BCE presented his detailed atomic theory in Vaisheshika-Sutra. Basically, Vaisheshika is a pluralistic realism. Acharya Kanada is also known as Kashyap. Concept of Atoms was actually formulated by Acharya Kanada Est. 2500 years […]