Only 4% of people are fortunate to have X mark in their palms

Ancient palmistry tells us much about ourselves. It tells us about our personalities. It can even tell us about our future: our career, our marriage, our wealth, our health, everything about our life. This culture roots in the Indian Vedic astrology, which has been deduced by Hindu Valmiki in a book containing 567 verses several thousand years ago. This practice of palm-reading has spread across the world today.

Just for the evidence of it, there is an instance where Greek scholar Anaxagoras claims he learned about Palmistry in Indian sub-continent and then shared with Hermes. Aristotle, later, found this practice in Hermes’ altar, which he then displayed to Alexander the Great. Alexander was so influenced by the practice that he put it to evaluate people on the basis of their palms. Some even say that Alexander studied his own palm to strategize his life and that no one had such intricate lines and markings like his.

But what’s such unique about it?

Well, Egyptian scholars mention that he had the marking of the letter X on his palm, which according to them is rarely found in others. As of late, only 4% of the population have it.

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To authenticate this claim, STI University from Moscow conducted a research paper on this subject: how letter X forms on palms and how its potential is connected to the destiny of people who have it. They gathered data from over 2 million people, both living and dead. After analyzing this huge amount of data, they found out that people who had letter X on both the palms were either leaders or highly popular individuals in the society, and they are remembered for great things. These people include Alexander the Great (of course), Abraham Lincoln, and someone who is hard to ignore – Vladimir Putin.

They go on to be remembered for ages, even after they die. Also, they have the sixth sense, in terms of sensing danger, infidelity or disloyalty from distance. As things progress, they can form special bond and energy with people around them. If someone tries to lie to them, then the person will face the worst side of these people with X mark. What’s true of them is that they can forgive, but they’ll never forget. They are lucky as compared to others. It is said that they have the memory of an elephant, and are adaptable to everything around them.

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