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  • Five Element of Life

    The Five Elements of Nature and the Reasons to Balance them

    According to Hindu dharma, it is said that there are five elements that comprise of everything: Akash (space), Agni (fire), Jal (water), Prithvi (earth). We need to understand these five elements to understand the problems in life – be it about our relationship or financial issues or physical issues or mental issues or even our […]

  • The Untold Story Behind the real invention of Zero

    Had the Arabs back in the days locked its borders down and had not accepted foreigners into their town, there would not have been astronomy or mathematics that we know today; it would have been different. From Mesopotamia to Ancient India, The Story Behind Zero as mentioned by Robert Kaplan, an author of “The Nothing […]

  • Hindu cosmology

    Vedic version of the Planetary System – Vedic Cosmology

    Vedic cosmology and cosmography are both interesting and inspiring. Today’s “modern” Vedic texts originated 3,000 B.C. This is not only the oldest scientific but also the oldest religious doctrine is known to human race. Our current astronomy of solar system and universe has its roots in the Vedic knowledge. It only goes to show that […]

  • 10 Tallest Statues in India That Indians Should Be Proud Of

    Here is the list of 10 tallest statues in India. Hanuman Swami in Andhra Pradesh With a height of around 42m, Hanuman Swami statue was constructed on 2003. It is located at Paritala village, 30km from Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh and is made out of concrete. Thiruvalluvar’s Statue in Tamil Nadu This giant statue stands […]

  • Mystery of the Kingdom of Shambhala – Birthplace of Kalki Avatar

    Shambala is a common mythical paradise that is constantly talked about in ancient texts, including Kalachakra Tantra, and the ancient scriptures such as of Zhang Zhung culture which spread Tibetan Buddhism in western Tibet. The word has a Sanskrit root, which means “place of peace” or “place of silence”. Legend has it that only people […]

  • The Noah’s Ark story is similar to the Story in Matsya Purana of Lord Vishnu

    Translated as ‘fish’ from Sanskrit, Matsya is the first avatar of Lord Vishnu. The representation is that of a four-armed figure with the upper torso of a man, and the lower of a fish. In Hindu texts like Satapatha Brahmana, there are mentions of “the great flood”, which can be considered to be parallel to […]

  • These tips will help you get rid of a headache without using pills

    Ever been in a situation when your head is throbbing while you are working or studying, but you have no pills to take care of? Worry not now, there’s acupressure to help you get rid of a headache in a scientific way. Acupressure is a type of massage that combines acupuncture and reflex therapy and […]

  • The concept of Samudra Manthan connects Japanese tradition to Hindu dharma

    The concept of “Churning of Water Body” connects Japanese tradition to Hindu dharma Tenchikaibyaku is a Japanese traditional story that talks about the creation of heaven and earth. The story describes the birth of the celestial and earthly world, of the first Gods and of the Japanese archipelago. The base of this mythology comes from […]

  • The Martial arts essentially evolved from Southern India

    What we learn today as martial arts essentially had evolved from South India. There lived a man by the name of Agastya Muni, very small-built, but with great eagerness to travel endlessly. When he traveled, he used techniques to fight the wildlife. During that time, tigers roamed in numbers, unlike these days where we only […]

  • 10 Interesting Reasons why we lose our friends

    As we grow up, we realize how we start to lose friends. Adult life is all about that, with everyone too. Here are reasons why we lose our friends: 1. You and your friends both change the priorities As we enter the adulthood, our priorities start to change. We tend to focus more on work, […]

  • Only 4% of people are fortunate to have X mark in their palms

    Ancient palmistry tells us much about ourselves. It tells us about our personalities. It can even tell us about our future: our career, our marriage, our wealth, our health, everything about our life. This culture roots in the Indian Vedic astrology, which has been deduced by Hindu Valmiki in a book containing 567 verses several […]

  • Your birth date tells so much about your color and personality

    Your birth date corresponds to a particular color. Just make sure that this is not your lucky color. It is the color that represents you. First, what’s your number? For single digit birth date of any month, that is your number. What your birth date says about your color and personality For double digits, add […]