All about Kamasutra You Wanted to Know Secretly

Kamasutra has been gained its popularity all across the globe for its sensuous and educative qualities. Probably if you have watched the American Pie, 1999, then you would have been familiar with what it is about. If you want to know facts about it, we have also written another article on it.


It’s not all about sex

Markie Twist (Ph.D., Associate Professor in the human development, family studies, and marriage, and family therapy at the University of Wisconsin, Stout, says, “Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian textbook used to practice the sacred sexuality in Sanskrit.” It provides the readers with two paths of training: Vama Marga (the left-hand path), which elaborates on the acrobatic sex positions, and the Dakshina-Marga (the right-hand path), which elaborates on the non-physical side of sex. So, Kamasutra doesn’t necessarily talk only about sex; it is about emotional pleasure and energy too.

The wrong book

If you are reading the most popular English translation of Kama Sutra, which was published by Sir Richard Burton in 1883, then you are reading the wrong book because it is full of flaws. In that book, he inserts a lot his old Victorian beliefs which creates so much of confusion about Kama Sutra. The scholars prefer the version translated by Wendy Doniger, Ph.D., University of Chicago.

Motionless Sex

Yes, motionless sex is a thing, and Kamasutra helps to build the emotional intimacy without penetration. For instance, there are breathing techniques where you get to synchronize with your partners to create a harmony that can lead to heightened sensations across your body, and thus, into greater arousal.

The Feminist Book

Yes, for those who wanted to know, it is a feminist book since it emphasizes the female pleasure and makes some modern arguments considering how ancient the book is. One thing about it is when it says that men should put the female orgasm at priority so that they get to climax before men do. And it also elaborates on how sex isn’t just for making babies.

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The Solution to Performance Anxiety

Twist says, “A lot of couples come to see me because they fear they’re not getting sex right or they have performance anxiety.” Kamasutra gives you the script to become a close couple. Just imagine you can get horny without even touching, just by staring at each other. It leads you to the path of adventure. But there is a step to it, and you need to follow it if you want to get there.

Can’t be for everyday sex

Twist adds, “You don’t want to be having this kind of sex all the time; it’s not ideal when you’ve only got five minutes to make it work..” So, it means that it takes time if you are following the paths of Kamasutra, and if you are looking for a quickie with your partner, it is kind of a no-no. Kamasutra should be for those evenings when you can focus on each other and leave the stressors aside.

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