Numerology reveals the secrets of your love life

Numerology is one of the oldest studies and is accessed by most of the people, even more than astrology, palmistry, tarot, crystal gazing and others.

Numerology states that numbers rule human nature. It deals with numbers from 1 to 9; each number is geometrically logical. They represent a certain pattern of energies which are related to the sexual patterns of humans.

How? Well, the name number of a person has a lot to say about the sexual nature. The names coupled with the date of birth will give a sum total which are of two digits. These two digits are added continuously until reduced to a single digit. What does the single digit reveal?

Number 1

You are aggressive, you are intense and your ego as a lover is admired by others.

Number 2

You are shy, delicate, mysterious and passive. You tend to fall into the romantic line, and other times, your sexuality takes over the romantic side.

Number 3

You are theatrical and inventive in bed. For you, the source of happiness is sex.

Number 4

You are intense in bed, but at times, your sexual desires are pervaded by your own sensitivity and violence.

Number 5

You are into fantasies, experimentation and trying out new things to fulfill your partner’s desires. You are fearless in bed, and always pushing the limits in bed.

Number 6

You are not that into sex. Sex for you is just for reproduction.

Number 7

You are very cold when it comes to sex. It’s nothing but a mental game to you. You are more involved in self-eroticism and masturbation. You are more attracted and stimulated by the intellect, than the physical desires.

Number 8

You might look passionate in love making, but sex erupts like a volcano. The thing is you get easily intimidated by people in power and you are an opportunistic lover.

Number 9

Sex is more of a relief for you, a mechanism to get you off from anxiety and pressure. Some people who fall into this category are not loyal, and thus, favor polygamy.

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