32000 years old Lord Narasimha Idol discovered in Southern Germany

32000-year-old Artefact discovered in Southern Germany Might Be of Lord Narasimha

The world is a strange place. Scientists keep finding new things every day. Discoverers keep revealing things that happened in the past that leave people with amusement. A part of that discovery is a new archaeology that shows divine intervention of others; a lion-man artifact was found in a cave in South Germany in 1939.

The artifact is in the form of a human body with a lion head and is made from the tusk of the mammoth. Archaeologists suggest that this artifact could easily be more than 32,000 years old, and it has gained a lot of attention among the archaeologists in Europe. After much study, it reveals that “lion-men” were used much for rituals as it was found in a cave where day and night meet. It was buried 20m away from the entrance, and 1.2m deep. But a lot of the artifact is visibly broken. Only after reconstructing it can the artifact be seen as a whole.

Anyone associated with Hindu dharma can say that it resonates the Avatar of the Lord Vishnu, Narasimha. The writings claim that Lord Vishnu appeared in the divine half man, half lion form once, and he made that appearance to protect his devotee Prahlad. More on this is found in Silpa Shastra, and it is referred to as kevala-narasimha. Many of Hindu temples also have sculptures of Sri Narasimha Bhagavan standing in the form of half-man and half-lion.

source – harekrsna.com

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