10 Interesting Reasons why we lose our friends

As we grow up, we realize how we start to lose friends. Adult life is all about that, with everyone too. Here are reasons why we lose our friends:

1. You and your friends both change the priorities

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As we enter the adulthood, our priorities start to change. We tend to focus more on work, earning living, and doing things for ourselves. We don’t have time to meet them, and only later in life will we realize that our life is incomplete without them. By then, it would be too late.

2. It needs effort that people don’t want to put in

Maintaining friendship needs effort too. When in college, it needed no effort because it was convenient. But as we move on, we accept how friendship fades off, and we forget how we need efforts to keep friendships alive.

3. Sometimes, love gets in the way

Yes, love can ruin friendships. Remember those friends who started dating, and then got into a relationship? Remember how they forgot you because they needed time for themselves. We’ve all been in that situation, haven’t we?

4. Going through your early adulthood can be rough

When are going through our 20s, it’s the most tough time of our lives. People struggle. Some get lucky. Those who start in the same path start to get insecurities. You might think that you are happy because your friends are getting there, but you are not because you haven’t. So, you start to drift away. Same goes out to your friends.

5. One broken trust kills it all

We think that our friends know us the most. But sometimes, their suggestions can be too judgemental, and sour, and unforgiving. Sometimes, they may even bail out on you and break your trust. You start to keep that outer shell hard so that you don’t let others get there.

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6. One-sided effort wouldn’t count much as friendship

At times, you are the only one calling them, asking them to come over for a beer, or for a movie, or to go shopping with you. But they don’t. So, you start thinking that you are the only one making all the efforts and that you don’t want to be the “clingy friend” again. Our ego gets to us, so start to stop calling them.

7. Some might be having toxic influence on you

Yes, it’s great to have friends, but some might be too much of negative influence on you. Thus, you start to think that you are better off without them.

8. Your friend has a new friend

It’s a terrible feeling to know that the friend that you used to spend half your day with is suddenly going out with other friends and doesn’t even bother to acknowledge you. As we get more possessive about them, the bitter we become.

9. People change.

It’s a known fact to you. You change. Your friends change. Friendship changes too. You feel like you start to force the conversation to keep it going. That’s when you realize that the friendship is over.

10. We didn’t confront when we needed to

Some small arguments might lead to the end of friendships. You didn’t confront them when you had the chance. Instead, you let the conflict under the dust and went on without bothering. That costs us the best of the friends.

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