6 Ruthless Truths You’d Understand Only If Your Heart Is Broken

Before I start, here’s something absolutely honest I want you to know. Whatever you are going to read ahead is based on my personal experience. The experience of having my heart terribly broken thrice, and just so you know, the most recent one happened five days back; trust me I have had it all, felt it all!

“I love you forever …” And that’s how it started. They declared their love for you. Each one of them. And now, there you stand clinging on to their vanishing presence in your life. You made all your efforts to make it last, in fact, you strongly believed that it will last a lifetime, only to see it come crashing on you. Being honest to God, getting your heart broken, almost certainly, is one of the hardest things in life. However, I would not term the healing process ‘difficult’; the tougher part is ‘Acceptance’. Accepting that it is over. Accepting that a relationship has died and is never going to be alive again.

Most of you, including myself, have been through a state of hopeless hope. And that makes the healing process even worse. Happiness lies in acceptance which comes from letting go of what could be. Let us just face it. If it really could be, it would be. So, just learn the lesson and move on in life. Hearing it from a woman who has pretty much been through these heart-wrenching situations, you got to believe every word because it’s true.

So, here are the 6 ruthless truths you need to understand if you’ve just gotten your heart broken

    1. Human beings have a tendency to consider perfect and right as synonyms. And so, we often mistake the perfect person for the right one. Not necessarily, the perfect person would be the right one for you. The sad part is you can only tell the difference only when you have met the right one.
    2. Not everyone who confesses their love to you deserves you. They might not even be as much in love with you as you eventually fall for them. Plus, not everyone who loves you, values you. So, the best decision is to take a different route than be taken for granted in a relationship.
    3. You cannot define love, it’s actually an emotion beyond words. There would be times in life when you just don’t realize if it was love or infatuation. But you know what? It’s not even important to know. With time, your idea of love also changes.
    4. The hardest yet the truest of all, sometimes, people just fall out of love. That hurts, always does but it’s not their fault. It’s just unfortunate. Just accept that the best they could have done to you is, to be honest with you.
    5. Love isn’t really fair always. So, not everyone you love is going to love you back as much. One person will always love more than the other. And it feels pathetic to be the one to love more because the one who’s less invested takes the selfish route, always.
    6. We are scared of moving on, not because, we think we cannot, but because we know we can. We fear that one day none of this will matter and we’d be indifferent towards all this. And that’d hurt. So, we try to cling on to the ruins than build a whole city again.
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