4 Traits you should look for in men if you want Female Led Relationship

What’s female led relationship (FLR)? It’s a unique type of relationship where female contribute to the leadership of men and men readily accept it. In simple words, women lead mean, and men want to be led by them. It’s not power dominance; it is just the opposite of how things work in the east where females’ lives are shaped according to men’s lives.

It requires an agreement between two and if the agreement is made with the wrong person, then there will only be annoyance and frustration at both ends.

Female Led Relationship
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Powerful women see romance as only a part of their life, not something that is absolutely necessary. She works to achieve her goals with or without her partner. But when she starts creating a life around the relationship, then she starts giving away her power to men and that would not be female led relationship. Even if she attempts at it, she is not staying true to herself.

These are the four traits that power women should look for in men if they are interested in a Female Led Relationship (FLR):


It might be contradictory to what “men want to be led by them” meaning feels like. But not all men who are interested in FLR want women who make decisions for them. However, there must be two factors that must be taken into account: he can chase his own goals without you and more importantly, he chooses to be with you because he sees the power inside you.

Emotionally Stable

Like it or not, men can bring a good woman down too. If he is insecure about anything, then he would want the powerful woman to always remain beside him. To deal with it, he would require constant reassurance and that can be time-consuming. There are more important things to do, and the right man in FLR would let the woman achieve the greatness.

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Even though men want to be led by women in FLR, look for men who are active problem solvers. They understand and anticipate the consequences of their decisions and when problems arise, they can solve them without any hesitation. He doesn’t need to be told over and over again about what and how to get things done. He would do them without much hassle. If he is required to be given instructions, then that will hinder the progress of powerful woman in the relationship since more time is wasted on instructing him and developing herself.


Men can be nurturers too. He would want to see YOU grow, and for that, he would invest in you and takes steps that help you achieve your goals. He enjoys seeing your progress and if ever there is a situation where he has to give up something so that you can achieve your dream, then he will do it without a second thought.

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