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12 fascinating reasons to date a Girl who travels

There’s something different about a girl who travels. Maybe it’s depth, character, spontaneity or maybe it’s genuineness. The girl who likes to dance or teach yoga, certain qualities can’t be replicated or faked. Traveling isn’t a hobby, nor is it just a passion; it’s a significant piece of her life. So it makes sense that dating people who make travel a priority is an excellent idea. You need a girl who loves traveling to revive your exciting life. And if you need the more convincing reason then read these 12 reasons to date a girl who travels.

#1. Life never gets boring with a girl who loves to travel


When your life is boring and monotonous, she will come up with a trip plan to encourage you and to increase some excitement in your life. She is, then, going to take you to places where you’ve never been to, allowing you to discover a lot of new things that could add an extra element of fun and excitement in your life. Girls who travel are the most exciting partners because they recognize every opportunity for adventure, excitement, and fun. Whether she’s trying to get you to go on another adventure with you or she’s recounting one of her favorite stories from her backpacking trip last summer, there’s never a dull moment with her. She is always keen to try something new and unusual with you, whether abroad or at home.

#2. She will fit into every friend circle of yours


You will rarely bump into a traveler who is unfriendly and shy. Months of sharing hotel dorms with strangers and talking with foreigners have given her the ability to make friends with anyone in any situation and anywhere.  You won’t have to worry about your friends not liking her because she is social and doesn’t have problems making friends instantly.

#3. She knows herself better than others


Traveling, in a lot of different ways, lets people discover themselves. A girl who travels is sure of herself and knows herself backward and forwards. She’s not one to second guess herself or hesitate.

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#4. She won’t be clingy


You can bet that she isn’t the kind of girl who wants to know everything you do. She wants to be with you because she likes you and it is fun, and not because she needs a man. Unlike most lonely women and men, she won’t use her dating partner to fill a void. She will be with you because you are special and exciting to her, like the many cities she’s visited.

#5. She is fun-loving and spontaneous


One of the best things about travel is that it makes you spontaneous.Traveling between countries is often very easy (and cheap) in some parts of the world, such as the European continent, so you’re allowed to be as spontaneous as you like. Girls who like to travel are in love with the last minute plans because its sudden surprise. Being honest, that would add a unique fun factor to your traveling experience.

#6. She is independent, smart and strong


Travelers should always be independent and rely on themselves, so they have to be intelligent and strong as well. Girls who travel aren’t going to be clingy or high maintenance. She’s not ditzy, and she’ll always think through her problems. She knows how to save her money. Travel can sometimes seem like one big vacation from start to finish, but it’s often a lot of hard work. She’s been there, and she’s got the smarts to tackle any problem.

#7. She’s sprightly and active


Girls who travel would not be a person who loafs around the house. She is the kind of girl who wants to be active at all times, Whether she’s hiking the Himalayas or taking a stroll around the neighborhood. She is someone that pushes you outside comfort zone, to help you become a better, stronger and healthier version of yourself.

#8. She’s well spoken to others


To communicate with people of different cultures and backgrounds a person needs to be well spoken. A lazy person who stays at the house all the time would not be able to effectively communicate with a person of different nationality in a different country.A girl who travels knows how to say what she means and how to say it well.

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#9. She can tolerate your untidy room


A girl who loves to travel won’t mind dating a partner who has an untidy room. In fact, tolerating your messy space could be a piece of cake for her.  If she can stay in a hostel dorm with a bunch of unwashed backpackers in Peru or take a piss in a nasty squat toilet in Southeast Asia, then definitely she can endure all the clutter in your room.

#10. Your fun never ends because she never wants to stop traveling


The main reason to date a girl who travels is that you would never stop traveling, you can travel with her. There’s nothing like traveling with a romantic interest, and the experience will likely serve to strengthen your relationship. She knows what she is doing and bound to enhance your and her traveling experience. You’re in for a wild ride, but it’s certainly worth it. If you are a lucky one who finds such a girl, do your best to give her your fullest. After all, she already has the whole world.

#11. She is easy to please


A girl who travels knows how to appreciate the small and straightforward things in life. She is happy with the sound of the chirping birds near your window or watching the gleaming stars at night. She even goes nuts over the fragrance sticks that will remind her of the smells in Bali, or the wasabi candies that bring back memories of her unforgettable gastronomic experience in Japan. So, it will be easy to please her, and it’s good for your relationship.

#12. She will leave a positive mark in your life


Even if your relationship doesn’t work out, she will still leave a lasting positive mark in your life. She can change your life for the better, as well as make you a more interesting and all-rounded guy. Furthermore, she can introduce you to a whole lot of new theories and ideas that will make your wiser.

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