6 Gestures That You Make In Public He Secretly Loves

Men are often assertive in their tone when they say that they don’t like PDAs, Public Display of Affection. They claim to not like it at all! Truth be told, men too, find a decent level of PDA attractive.

Although there is something hopelessly unsexy about a man who is always wrapped around with a woman in public, there are a few PDA moves that men actually like. Read On!

A Soft Touch Is Enough

While taking a walk through the lane, slightly brush your fingers against his. It doesn’t have to be intertwining your fingers; just a soft touch is enough. This gives a sense of intimacy but not an overwhelming one.


Whispering Sweet Little Things

One of the most romantic moves in the history of mankind to arouse him is saying sweet little things in his ears. Make him blush with some sweet little compliments when in public

A Tiny Peck On His Cheek

Just when he’s in a middle of something and no one is looking, press your lips against his cheek. This little surprise gesture will make him feel quirky and blush both at the same time!


Stroking His Muscles (And Ego!)

Gently move your fingers around his arm and shoulders, and slightly stroke them. The touch of your fingers on his arm will make him feel more confident and will give his masculinity a boost.

Interlocking Your Hands

When sitting in a restaurant or walking on a street, slowly interlock your hands with his. This is not only a gesture of romance but also assurance. It will make him feel that you are confident about your relationship.

Squeezing His Hands

The hand squeeze is truly a very compassionate form of PDA. When he’s having a hard day, just squeeze his hand and let him realize that you’re there for him, in all the times!


All these gestures that you make in public make him fall for you even more.

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