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  • Green Tea – The hidden gem for your health

    Tea – for some the mornings doesn’t begin without a hot cup of tea for others the afternoon is rightfully named- The high tea. (The coffee lover loose a notch here). While coffee might be the new rage the history of tea goes way back to China during the reign of Emperor Shennong. Green tea […]

  • 10 Surprising facts about food that only few people knew

    These surprising facts about food will give you a new perspective about food and will change the way you think about them. 1. Tomato Ketchup was used as a medicine to treat diarrhea in the 1800’s. Ohio-based physician, John Cook Bennet stated a fact that Tomatoes were used to treat diarrhea, violent bilious attacks, and indigestion […]

  • Things you may not know about witchcraft

    In India, belief and fear about the power of the witches have existed for a long time, especially in the regions of West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, and Jharkhand. It is generally believed that women who were ill-treated by family members or died unnaturally, return as witches and hunt down and kill their family members, starting […]

  • Edible Plants You Can Easily Grow In Your Kitchen

    Growing plants on the windowsill in your kitchen is becoming more and more popular these days. It would be more awesome to have all the organic edible plants you always need at hand. Here is a list of few edible plants or herbs you can easily grow in your kitchen. Lettuce Growing lettuce is quite a simple task. Place the white root […]

  • Amazing Health Benefits of Guava Leaves You May Not Know

    In most tropical countries, guava leaves are used for traditional medicines since it contains a number of useful substances, which includes antioxidants (like Vitamin C) and flavonoids (like quercetin). Mostly, guava leaves are soaked in hot water to serve it as a tea. This has several health benefits like treating diarrhea, lowering cholesterol and preventing […]

  • Surprising Health Benefits of the Banana Flower

    Everyone knows that bananas are good for us. But do you know that banana flowers have health benefits too? Banana flowers are the beginning stage of the banana, and are also known as “banana blossoms”. Banana flowers are common in South-East Asia. They are a purple-ish flower, that has tear shaped and hangs at the […]

  • What your zodiac sign says about your inner thoughts

    This Is What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Inner Thoughts Aries You can take the world on your own. You have a strong attitude, and you get what you want. However, you want to control, and at times become demeaning and arrogant. Just try to listen to what others might have to say. Taurus If […]

  • If you don’t know what to do with your life, read this

    Most of us get hit by emotional exhaustion from time to time. But that decline in strength and simultaneous growth of self-doubt is in fact a great opportunity to take a good long look at your priorities. We think the following article could help a lot of people find the right direction they need to go in to start really enjoying life. Take a look. ’Sometimes in life, we find ourselves at a dead end. Or a crossroads. Or on a path that seems […]

  • OCD Quiz

    How Sensitive Is Your OCD Radar?

    To OCD free people all the following shapes look identical, but one of them is different – Are your eyes, brain and OCD radar sensitive enough to spot it? *This test was created for amusement and is not diagnostic in any way.

  • Women Led Relationship

    4 Traits you should look for in men if you want Female Led Relationship

    What’s female led relationship (FLR)? It’s a unique type of relationship where female contribute to the leadership of men and men readily accept it. In simple words, women lead mean, and men want to be led by them. It’s not power dominance; it is just the opposite of how thinks work in the east where […]

  • Soulmates vs lifepartner

    Soulmate Vs Life Partner – What’s the Difference?

    Soulmate: Someone who is in parallel with your soul and sent to revitalize the inner you so that your soul can transcend into a higher level of consciousness and awareness. Once you are in the highest level of soul, your physical selves might depart from each other. Life Partner: Someone who helps you get through […]