Soulmate Vs Life Partner – What’s the Difference?

Soulmate: Someone who is in parallel with your soul and sent to revitalize the inner you so that your soul can transcend into a higher level of consciousness and awareness. Once you are in the highest level of soul, your physical selves might depart from each other.

Life Partner: Someone who helps you get through life, someone you can trust and lean on when required, someone you can consider to be a friend and companion in the journey of life. You are both in sync with each other.

Soulmates vs lifepartner
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The Reality

It’s often said that there is a soul mate for every soul. The idea has been instilled in a lot of people that they start asking, “When am I going to meet my Soulmate?”

However, there isn’t only one soulmate. There are multiple ones and their purpose is to take our lost soul to the higher state of consciousness. They don’t arrive when you want them to; they arrive when the time is ready when you are ready for them. It’s in destiny, as they say. The kind of relationship we are talking here doesn’t last forever because the karmic energy in the relationship closes when necessary lessons have been learned.

Soulmates can be your friend or your sister or any of your relatives or acquaintances. They don’t necessarily have to be “love of your life”. But it is certain that you will feel a strong connection with them as if there is a past history with them.

So, it’s foolish to be obsessed with finding the right soulmate as your romantic partner. However, if you really want to connect with your soulmate, then you need to first align your own soul. Find the inner you, find what you really are in your heart. Only when you find your true inner self, your vibration resonates with your soulmate.

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If you are not looking for someone to connect to in the level of consciousness, then what you are looking for is your Life Partner.

Life Partner relationship is different. There is a level of understanding, respect, and trust with your life partner. You are not looking to connect with them on the level of soul, but you are looking for someone who you can depend on and move ahead in life together. The romantic connection is there, but more on the surficial and physical level.

It is usually nothing to do with spirit or soul. So, like finding the soulmate by aligning your soul, you need to be mentally and physically prepare yourself to meet your life partner. Don’t be discouraged, however. Your life partner can be your soulmate too.

Soulmate Vs Life Partner

If you haven’t understood this still, perhaps these characteristics can help you understand the two separate concepts a bit more:

Soulmate Relationship

  • You feel like you’ve known the person for a long time and feel a deep connection with him/her
  • You start getting flashbacks of things that you did with them that really didn’t happen
  • You are on the same wavelength
  • You have gone through similar things during your childhood
  • You know you are in sync with the other person even when you are not together
  • You have similar way of thinking about things
  • You start thinking that you need to team up to achieve something
  • You experience a change in your life after meeting the person
  • You have a hunch when the other is feeling down and are in-tune with their thoughts and actions

Life Partner Relationship

  • You are attracted to the other person physically
  • You respect his/her values
  • You guys are like best friends
  • Your relationship is based on logical or intellectual decisions
  • You feel the need to marry to have some sort of stability
  • There is emotional stability at both ends
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Hope by now you understand what soulmates and life partners are. It’s okay if your soulmate is not your life partner. But if they are, even more perfect.

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