5 Embarrassing Things People Do ! There is a Reason Why

You may have done at least one of these things before. Some of the embarrassing things you do in your daily life have a good explanation for why.

1. Talking to yourself


Talking to yourself is not only insanely common but it can be a sign of good things. People who talk to themselves are actually geniuses. Studies show it keeps you more focused and alert.

2. Repeating stories


People tend to get offended when you repeat story for the second time. Studies prove that even if you remember the fact that you’ve told a story in the past, it is not easy to remember who you told it to.

3. Dropping Your Cell Phone


One in 5 people have apparently dropped their phone in the toilet, it is because more than 70 percent people admit that they have used their cell phones in the bathroom to do everything from playing games and surfing the internet to making or receiving phone calls. When you don’t use your cell phone in toilet, lesser chance of dropping your phone.

4. Pushing a pull door


This can be the most embarrassing thing among other in this list. Walking up to a door and being unable to open it on the first try can surely embarrass you. Architects and designers don’t care about how dumb you look—they just want their building to look pretty. – humankinetics

5. Getting song lyrics wrong

591d3bd254fc8cabbeecce9364f83b5eScience explains, when we talk to someone, we understand some of what they are saying by watching their lips move. If they have an accent or it’s loud, we can fill in a lot of the gaps we would otherwise have in what they are saying by looking at the speaker’s face. When we listen to music, we don’t have that visual and end up mishearing things.

h/t – mentalfloss.com

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