Why We Should Not Fear Sade-Sati Dasha?

In Hindu astrology, Shani or Saturn is the most feared ‘graha’ where it is believed that all other planets fail to give any good results in the case of Shani’s obstruction. Shani’s ‘sade-sati’ is considered most terrible Dasha that in case if the person is going through it, would be for 7 ½ years of immense troublesome and challenging period.

However, another school of thought on astrology believes that though the Sade-sati period is challenging, it is not as damaging as many astrologers claim and that many people actually achieve a lot of success during the period when Shani Deva is made blissful.

There may be a lot of challenges in one’s life, and one may face accidents, sudden failures with finance and health problems. Every work an individual seeks to do or complete goes through immense hardship and failure. There is always some barrier and it takes a lot of effort to remove the barrier and complete the work. But on a positive side, people learn to work hard and develop their brain efficiency.

This period is regarded as learning time as Saturn like Jupiter is regarded as a teacher but a harsher one. Saturn loves to show you the reality of life and thinks for the present whereas Jupiter gives optimism about the future. Saturn is a disciplinarian that wants to show that success comes only through discipline, hard work, and struggle. Therefore, it all depends on a person’s deeds that pledge this Sade-Sati Dasha to be positive or negative one. This period brings hardship but if you will overcome the hardship will bring you huge success and you will be habitual to do so throughout your lifetime.

The point is, there is nothing to worry so much when you are going through Sade-Sati Dasha but to work hard to achieve your goal and manage some of your timing to appease Lord Shani Dev.

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