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  • This Jet Could Get You From New York To London In 30 Minutes

    Canadian engineer Charles Bombardier proposed concept of a four-winged scramjet called The Skreemr that could get you from New York to London in  just 30 Minutes.  This jet could carry passengers at 10 times the speed of sound and fly at an altitude of 100,000 feet. Unfortunately, the design is purely conceptual and the designers admit […]

  • CCTV Footage Captures A Man Pushing Muslim Woman Into Oncoming Train In London

    A 81 year old man, Yoshiyuki Shinohara, is being held on charges of attempted murder after he pushed a Muslim woman into oncoming underground train in London. CCTV footage shows the man standing behind the woman before pushing her on the path of the train as it arrives. The victim slams into the train before […]

  • 15 Magnificent Photos of Skylines Around The World

    There are hundreds of beautiful city skylines in the world. Some take their beauty because of the architecture itself, while others are complemented by their natural surroundings. Dabai’s Burj Khalifa, Marina Bay Sands of Singapore, Sydney Opera House and Empire state building of New york are just some of the iconic buildings that make the world’s […]