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  • List of some of the most famous Hollywood movies that were shot in India (10 submissions)

    Filmmakers in India have been traveling across the globe to find the perfect, exotic place and setting for their movies. But so are Hollywood filmmakers traveling to India for their perfect shots and clips for their movies. It’s great to see globalization in film-making around the world.Here is the list of some of the most […]

  • 10 Movies That Were Better Than The Books They Were Based On

    Countless time we have heard or read “The book is always better than the Movie”. The glossy details, the richly explained character and their feelings. But its not always the book triumphs over the movies, Here are the 10 movies that (in popular opinion) managed to surpass popularity more than the books. 1. To Kill […]

  • These Are Best Hollywood Movies Based on Books

    Everyone knows reading is important. We all love books and we read them. For those  who don’t like reading, movies are there for substitute. Hollywood often turns to books for movies ideas. There are numerous  movies based on books. Many movies get success and many don’t but the trend of making movies based on books […]