Enter this fellowship as a promising blogger

Detechter’s Emerging Bloggers Fellowship is designed to give bloggers of great promise the support, mentorship, and experience necessary to take a transformative step forward in their careers.

During the three-month program, the bloggers in this fellowship will benefit from career mentorship and editorial guidance while also receiving financial support. The learning process must be financially viable for emerging bloggers if it is intended to open the gates to bloggers traditionally locked out of opportunities in media.

These bloggers will focus on storifying news and events, cultural reportage, and profiles. During their time in fellowship, bloggers will be expected to pitch, report, and write with the added benefit of writing workshops, panel discussions with editors and bloggers from throughout the industry, and assigned readings. Mentorship within the program will focus on teaching bloggers how to thrive as freelancers as well as on staff at media organizations; this mentorship will hopefully continue well after the fellowship itself is concluded.

Ideal candidates for this program will have ambitious ideas and a proven desire to publish work that creates an impact on cultural conversations. The product of the fellowship will be published by Detechter. The bloggers selected for the fellowship will work with Detechter’s editorial staff and be based in Kathmandu.

Application Procedure:

Please submit the following materials, as attachments or links to [email protected]. Applications will be considered by a committee of Detechter’s editors. Bloggers accepted into the fellowship will be notified within 3 working days; the fellowship will begin the 2nd week of every month. The fellowship is a part-time position and have the option to work from HOME.

Application Materials:

  1. Résumé or CV.
  2. Give 3-5 examples of cultural reporting or personal essays from contemporary writers who have had an impact on your work.
  3. Why are you qualified and capable of doing work others haven’t or can’t?
  4. What support do you need to take a step forward in your career?
  5. What aspects of writing and cultural reporting are you eager to learn more about?