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  • The Importance of Brahma Muhurta – The Ambrosial Hours

    Waking up is usually hard for some people. Either you pull an all-nighter, you’re addicted to social media to the point you barely get time to sleep on time, you actually work really hard or you’re a night owl. The 8-hour quota of sleep makes us hit the snooze button. But research backs our ancient […]

  • Enhancing health and quality of life with Ayurveda

    From the Ayurvedic teachings, it can be found that our life or our meaning in existence is not that rigid, but rather instead, there is a harmonious flow in it. If we consider the five elements of nature – earth, water, air, ether, and fire – that comprise the entire universe is not rigid as […]

  • How to make Ayurveda an important source for good health

    Many of us make a common mistake of comparing Ayurveda with modern medicine and during the debate, limit our understanding of Ayurveda. For one, it is not only about offering a cure, so there is no need to compare it to an allopathic medicine only. And, on the other side, it is nothing about an […]

  • ayurveda herbs for weight loss

    No time for workout? Here are 5 Ayurvedic herbs for weight loss

    “Old is Gold” holds true when it comes to curing a certain health problem. Due to our busy lifestyle, we are entering into an obesity zone. Also, our days loaded with too much work do not provide us enough time to exercise. Therefore, nothing better Ayurveda can be a natural option for shedding that extra […]

  • Health Benefits of Neem plant you probably didn’t know

    For many of us Asians, being ridiculed by Western textbooks and scientists us for our beliefs and traditions has now come to an end. With the latest researchers, they have found the importance of plants and herbs and have even resorted to patenting them. One of such important plants is NEEM. Neem leaves have an important […]

  • Most Interesting Facts About India You May Not Know

    India is so colorful with the variety of people with many cultures. How cultures are cultivated can be seen in India. Every occasion of every religion is shared by a whole nation. But, we always criticize our nation and compare it with other developed nations. But while criticizing we definitely forget some great achievements of India, we forget […]

  • 10 Areas In Which India Beats The Most Powerful Countries In The World

    India, a land of a billion plus people achieving feats no one ever imagined. That’s how aptly you can concoct present India’s definition in words. While we are still largely a developing country, there are certain areas where we stand far above the developed nations. Here are 10 things that will make every Indian proud! […]

  • These 7 Home Remedies Will Solve Your Tooth Decaying and Cavities

    Tooth decay and cavities are among the world’s most common oral health problems. These problems are most often seen in children, teenagers, and older adults. However, anyone can get cavities.Tooth Decay and Cavities also referred to as caries, are holes in the teeth caused by tooth decay. Decay usually occurs due to a bacterial infection […]