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  • This is what happened in 18 Days of the Mahabharata War

    The Mahabharata, also called, The Kurukshetra War is a war described in the Hindu-epic, Mahabharata. The conflict arose between two groups of cousins, the Kauravas, and Pandavas, due to the struggle for a dynastic succession for the throne of Hastinapura, in an Indian kingdom called Kuru. Many ancient kingdoms participated as allies of the rival groups in of the battle occurred in Kurukshetra, whose modern […]

  • Why Did Arjuna Try To Kill His Eldest Brother In Mahabharata?

    The stories of Mahabharata are not only fascinating but filled with countless incidents that give us lessons for life. Of these times, one such story is of the Pandava Brothers, Arjuna, and Yudhishthira when Arjuna tried to kill his elder brother during the Kurukshetra war. Why Did Arjuna Try To Kill Yudhishthira during Kurukshetra War […]

  • Mahabharata – An Epic Reflection Of Our Lives

    If we look at just one episode of the epic Mahabharata we can relate to it with our present way of life. The Bhagavad Gita has been elaborated and presented in many forms to teach us the lessons of life. The crux of the matter is the whole reasoning of the war (the great battle […]