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  • The Eight Immortals of Hindu Dharma – Astha Chiranjeevi

    The samsara of life and death is endless until one finds liberation or moksha states the Hindu way of life. Until the elusive Moksha is attained either by good karma or nirvana life goes on between birth and death. No organism can escape the fate. Yet in Hindu Dharma, we come across 8 such personalities […]

  • The Tale of Kartavirya Arjuna – The king who defeated Ravana

    History is full of mighty heroes who met an end pitfall because they got to carried away, drunk in power and lost touch with the humanity. One such tale is that of the mighty of Haihayas (In the Mahabharata epic, the Heheya Kingdom (also known as Haihaya, Haiheya, Heiheya, etc.) is one of the kingdoms ruled […]