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  • 10 Qualities of Lord Krishna That Makes Him A fully Blossomed One

    Sri Krishna is one of the most powerful incarnations of Vishnu, the Godhead of the Hindu Trinity of deities. Of all the Vishnu avatars he is the most popular, and perhaps of all Hindu gods the one closest to the heart of the masses. Krishna’s complexion was dark and extremely handsome. Although he was mysterious, […]

  • The physical and spiritual concept of Soulmates in Hindu Dharma

    How many times have we heard people in books and movies and even real life go on about that one true connection with their “Soulmates”? The possibility of finding someone who shares the same outlook on life and living seems surreal. While some might agree on what to eat for dinner but struggle to understand […]

  • What Happened to Radha after Shri Krishna left Vrindavan?

    Radha Krishna is a chant which we are hearing since our childhood days. They are incomplete without each other. We have been hearing many stories of Krishna and Radha since they were born. We all know about Krishna’s life, but what happened to Radha? Did they ever meet again? Why do not we hear stories […]

  • Read the story of an untrained dancer who revived classical dances

    So far we have read about people who are deeply passionate about the various forms of classical dances. They choose to dwell on the subject by enrolling themselves for training classes or read more on the subject. We know they possess a natural instinct and creative mindset to be able to execute the difficult steps […]

  • Here is why Lord Krishna is worshiped more often with Radha than Rukmini

    The immortal love between Krishna and Radha have been told, televised to us since childhood. The innocent lovers were made to part as Krishna had the greater part to play elsewhere. Never has there been any documentation of them meeting again though Krishna is said to have married may throughout life. Rukmini, the famous of […]