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  • Hindu Dharma For Self Realization – How can you lead a Hindu way of life?

    A general saying has it amongst the Hindu followers around the world: “Hinduism is not a religion”. People instead believe that it is a way of life, and there is no strict rule to what is right or wrong in the religion; everything is acceptable. The attitude is simple, and yet has serious consequences for […]

  • The Essence of a Hindu Wedding – The cultural and emotional quotient

    While the modern society has somewhat relaxed its stance on marriage, the great Hindu Wedding is still a very important event in one’s life here. Disagree? Ask the hoards of aunties and uncles ready to fix a suitable girl with the suitable lad. The wedding season brings about its woes- the nonstop function, the competition […]

  • What Do The Different Colors In Hindu Dharma Represent?

    In Hindu Dharma, colors play a significant role as they symbolize different aspects of the culture and traditions, surpassing merely decorative values. The Hindu artists use different colors on the Deities and use different colored dresses for each, thereby, signifying their qualities and characteristics. Appropriate use of colors helps create an environment which can keep […]