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  • The Scientific Properties of Rudraksha that have medicinal values

    Rudraksha beads have electromagnetic forces inside, and they can be very powerful. It is mostly used to cure human body physically, as well as spiritually. What are the electrical properties of Rudraksha? The human body is a complex system, with the whole of a nervous system and all other organs inside the human body that […]

  • 5 Mukhi and 6 Mukhi Rudraksha

    Importance of Wearing Genuine Rudraksha and Rudraksha Mala

    Rudrakshas are generally strung together to form a Mala. Most, the Rudraksha Mala is made out of 108 beads plus one. That one extra bead is known as Bindu, and it is essential to have a Bindu in a Mala. Else, the energy becomes cyclical, and people who are vulnerable to energy change can feel […]

  • Based On Your Zodiac Sign, Which Rudraksha Should You Be Wearing?

    Everyone knows that the power of Rudraksha is strong, and it has been the same ever since the Satyuga age. There are different types of Rudraksha with a different face or Mukhi and each has its own benefits, as mentioned in our previous article. But these Rudrakshas can also be worn according to your zodiac […]

  • 21 Mukhi Rudraksha

    Everything you need to know about Rudraksha – Tear of Lord Shiva

    The origin of the word Rudraksha: Rudra and Aksha. ‘Rudra’ denotes Lord Shiva himself as it is also Shiva’s another name, while ‘Aksha’ means Teardrops. The Legend of Rudraksha It is said that Shiva ji once went into a deep meditation with an aim of bringing happiness to all living creatures. As per the Shiva […]