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  • 10 Interesting Facts about The Sacred City of Dwarka

    The Sacred City of Dwarka, a city in Gujarat’s Dwarka district is situated on Okhamandal peninsula’s western shore and along the banks of River Gomti. Dwarka is one of the most significant Hindu pilgrimage destinations and is said to be the ancient and legendary capital of Lord Krishna’s kingdom.An ancient city that holds a lot […]

  • The finest Stone Wrought specimen of Lord Krishna temple in Nepal

    Nepal up until 2008 was the only Hindu country in the World (now a secular state) where about 80% of the population are Hindu. Perhaps that’s why one can find temples and shrines in every nook and corner of the cities especially Kathmandu and Patan. Kathmandu (the capital) has been rightfully termed as the city […]

  • Here is why Lord Krishna is worshiped more often with Radha than Rukmini

    The immortal love between Krishna and Radha have been told, televised to us since childhood. The innocent lovers were made to part as Krishna had the greater part to play elsewhere. Never has there been any documentation of them meeting again though Krishna is said to have married may throughout life. Rukmini, the famous of […]