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  • These incredibly creative high heels look like wearable sculptures

    An Israeli Footwear designer, Kobi Levi is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem. Though he is not a sculptor, but his approach of designing footwear is very unique and these high heels look like sculptures. Levi says “In my artistic footwear design, the shoe is my canvas, The trigger […]

  • Unbelievable Stone Sculptures by Hirotoshi Itoh

    Hirotoshi Itoh is a Japanese stone sculptor who is known for his humorously imaginative ideas and incredible ability to make stones look soft, flexible, and light. In 1982, he graduated from the prestigious Tokyo National Fine Arts University where he experimented with turning cold hard metals into something warm and soft. Upon his graduation from […]

  • The Curious art of Imperfect Sculptures by Bruno Catalano

    Bruno Catalano, a French sculptor is famous for his art figures with substantial sections missing. These expressive bronze sculptures suddenly became an idea after he found a flaw in one of his complete figures. This series is called “Les Voyageurs” and were displayed at an exhibition in Marseilles. What’s especially impressive is that some of […]

  • Five guys built an Ice-Stonehenge on a lake in Wisconsin, USA for Two consecutive Years

    In 2011, the friends started to experiment with ice saws, but it was only last year that they attempted the Icehenge as they like to call it. Unfortunately, the first attempt failed. For the five friends – Kevin Lehner, Drew McHenry, Quinn Williams, Alec Seamars and Patrick Shields – it was a learning experience. The […]

  • Stunning Art of Combining Boulder with Bronze by Romain Langlois

    Romain Langlois is a self-taught French contemporary artist based in La Côte Martin, France. An avid sculptor, Romain Langlois studied medical books and anatomical charts to understand the human body, building his first sculptures using only plaster and clay. He then started combining harder materials like bronze into his artwork. He is also very creative […]

  • Artist captures feminine grace and elegance in bronze

    Michael James Talbot is a well-known artist and sculptor from London. Inspired by Greco-Roman culture, Michael creates beautiful sculptures of elongated women that seem to be arising from solid sheets of oxidized bronze. Michael’s works ooze with vibrant energy and delicate grace, check out the amazing work of art by this talented English sculptor. Source: […]

  • This Artist Turns Scrap Metal Into Incredible Sculptures

    Inspired by the native wildlife in rural West Wales, artist and animal lover J. K. Brown creates incredibly detailed animal sculptures from fragments of discarded metal. He patiently reassembles these pieces into monuments to the natural world around him. He have already created many wonderful metal models of birds, butterflies, horses and even dragons. The […]

  • These Sculptures Made of Steel Wires are Amazing

    A British sculptor, Robin White creates amazing sculptures made of steel wires.Robin has mastered the creation of beautiful and fabulous sculptures that seem to dance in the fight against the wind. Initially, Robin makes a steel frame, then formed the skeleton and muscles of the body. Each fairy has a stone “heart”, which sometimes leaves […]