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  • Why is Diwali of North India different to Deepawali of South India?

    Deepawali or Diwali is the most celebrated and the brightest of all Hindu festivals in India. The grand festival usually occurs in late October or early November of the English calendar and falls on the 15th day of Kartik of Hindu calendar. Hence, the exact Diwali date varies every year. It is the festival of […]

  • Aihole and Pattadakal Temples

    10 Beautiful South Indian Temples that every Hindu should visit

    South Indian temples are famous for Dravidian style and Vijayanagara style architecture that is grandeur, tall and consists primarily of pyramids like towers made from sandstone, soapstone, and granite. They look magnificent and are breathtakingly beautiful that provides people with both spirituality and amusement. Compiled here are the 10 beautiful South Indian Temples, which everyone […]

  • South Indian Jewellery and its Significance

    Jewellery in India irrespective of gender has always played a prominent role since ancient times. From temples to the homes it is an integral segment of the society. South India is a paragon of vibrant art and culture. Here people value royalty over anything. South Indian Jewellery is uniquely designed giving the glimpses of its culture. […]

  • The Martial arts essentially evolved from Southern India

    What we learn today as martial arts essentially had evolved from South India. There lived a man by the name of Agastya Muni, very small-built, but with great eagerness to travel endlessly. When he traveled, he used techniques to fight the wildlife. During that time, tigers roamed in numbers, unlike these days where we only […]

  • This Vishnu temple in Kerala is the richest temple in the world

    Built in the intricate fusion of Kerala and Dravidian style, Padmanabhaswamy temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This beautiful temple in Kerala is kind of similar to Adikesava Perumal temple in Kanyakumari District in terms of architecture. The fascinating thing about the temple is that it is the richest temple in the world. Padmanabhaswamy temple […]

  • Temple With Mysterious Musical Pillars – Sri Vijaya Vittala Temple

    The temple is located in the historical town of Hampi, Karnataka, and is dedicated to Lord Vitthala. Situated at the end of the ruined Vittala Bazaar, tourists can reach this beautiful temple from all parts of Hampi. This temple is historical in a sense that the construction dates back to 15th century, and was built […]